Weekend trading

Maximise your opportunities to profit by trading at the weekend with IG. We offer 24/7 Saturday and Sunday trading on GBP/USD, Wall Street, HS50, Germany 30, and major cryptocurrencies1.

Call 1800 601 799 or email helpdesk.au@ig.com to talk about opening a trading account. We’re here 24hrs a day from 3pm Saturday to 9am Saturday (AEDT).

Contact us: 1800 601 799

Why trade on weekends with IG?

Trade key indices and cryptocurrencies 24 hours a day1

Hedge your weekday positions by opening a weekend position on the same market

React to breaking news over the weekend and never miss an opportunity to trade

Access guaranteed stops2 with Australia's No. 1 provider3

Live prices on our weekend markets


Prices above are subject to our website terms and conditions. Prices are indicative only.

What markets can I trade on the weekend with IG?

Global indices

We’re also the only provider that lets you trade the FTSE 100, Germany 30, Wall Street and HS50 on the weekend.4


We offer all major coins including bitcoin, ether, ripple, litecoin and our own Crypto 10 index.5

What is weekend trading?

Weekend trading is how you can access indices and cryptocurrency markets on a Saturday and Sunday. This means, for example, that if you thought Brexit news was going to break on a Saturday which would cause the FTSE 100 to move, you no longer have to wait until markets open on Monday to trade.

The weekend prices for indices are quoted separately to their weekday counterparts, based on our view of the prospects for that market given client business and news flow. As a result, you can use these markets to hedge against risk on your weekday positions. Weekend indices positions will rollover into regular weekday positions if they are kept open after the Sunday close, with any stops or limits remaining in place.

For cryptocurrencies, because the markets are open over a weekend anyway, we’ve just extended our weekday markets. This means that any positions on cryptocurrencies will continue to move over the weekend, and your stops and limits can still be triggered.

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How to hedge with weekend trading

One key use for weekend trading is to offset potentially negative movements in a market that you have an open position on over the weekend.

Say you are long on our weekday FTSE100 when the underlying market closes on Friday, but rumours emerge on Saturday that the prime minister is going to resign. If the rumours are confirmed you believe the FTSE 100 will fall, so want to reduce your exposure.

On Sunday morning, we quote a weekend FTSE100 price of 6700. Rather than wait for the weekday market to open, you decide to sell of our weekend FTSE100 at 6700. In this scenario your long position on the weekday FTSE100 is now offset by your short position on the weekend FTSE100.

A few hours later the prime minister announces their resignation, and our weekday FTSE100 market reopens on Sunday night at the lower price of 6600. However, as you hedged your long weekday position at 6700 by trading on our Sunday FTSE 100, you’re protected against the losses involved with closing at the weekday market opening price of 6600.

Any Sunday positions must be held until 8.40am (AEDT) to rollover into a standard weekday contract, and thus net off against your existing weekday contract.

Choose IG as your weekend trading provider

Take a position on weekend markets with the only broker to offer FTSE 100 and Wall Street trading on Saturday and Sunday.

Choose IG as your weekend trading provider

Take a position on weekend markets with the only broker to offer FTSE 100 and Wall Street trading on Saturday and Sunday.


How does Saturday and Sunday trading work?

Saturday and Sunday trading works differently depending on the market.


Our Saturday and Sunday indices are all separate markets to their weekday counterparts, enabling you to speculate on developments over the weekend without affecting your weekday positions.

If, for example, you hear some news on a Friday night that you think will cause a rally for the Germany 30, you no longer have to wait until our weekday market opens to trade. Instead, you can open a position from 2am on a Saturday.

If you keep your weekend trade open beyond 9.40am Melbourne time on Monday, then we’ll automatically roll it over into a new weekday position at no cost to you.

And because our weekend markets are separate, any existing weekday positions won’t be affected unless you keep your weekend trade open beyond 9.40am Melbourne time on Monday, at which point we'll net your weekend position with or against your existing open position. if you have attached stops or limits to your weekend position, it will roll into a new weekday position with the same stops and limits in place.


Trading cryptocurrencies CFDs on Saturday and Sunday works a little differently – because the underlying market is open over the weekend, we’ve extended our weekday market. So any CFD positions on cryptocurrencies will move over the weekend, and stops/limits can be triggered.

As our current CFD cryptocurrency markets are now available on weekends, any stops and limits you hold will be affected by our extended trading hours. This extra trading period means that you have longer to speculate on the price of these markets, and also that any stops or limits you have to open or close positions can be filled on weekends.

Who offers weekend trading in Australia?

IG is the only Australian provider to offer weekend trading on indices and GBP/USD. We also offer weekend trading on cryptocurrencies, as well as our Crypto 10 Index.

Can I trade on the Hong Kong HS50, Wall Street and Germany 30 on the weekend?

Our out-of-hours offering means you can now trade on the FTSE, Germany 30, Wall Street and Hong Kong HS50 on Saturday and Sunday. Your weekday positions will not be affected by our weekend indices, so any stops or limits on these positions will not be processed at the weekend. Any existing weekend contracts will, however, roll into weekday positions if you hold them past 8.40am (AEDT).

What about my stops and limits?

Here’s a rundown of when weekend trading can and can’t impact your stops and limits:

  • Stops and limits on an existing weekday indices position can’t be triggered on a weekend
  • Stop and limits on an existing cryptocurrency position can be triggered on a weekend
  • Any stops and limits on a weekend position can be triggered on a weekend

Please note that weekend positions with attached stops/limits will not be netted off against existing weekday contracts. In this instance the weekend position will roll into a new weekday position, with the same stops/limits attached.

Similarly, weekend positions will not net off against existing weekday contracts if the weekday contracts have stops/limits attached. In this instance, weekend positions will be rolled into new weekday contracts.

Does the FTSE trade on Saturday and Sunday?

You can trade the FTSE 100 on a Saturday and Sunday with IG. IG clients also have access to a number of other indices including Wall Street, Germany 30 and HS50.

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1 24/7 means all week apart from six hours from 10pm Friday to 4am Saturday (UK time), and 20 minutes just before the market opens on Sunday.
2 Guaranteed stops with IG are free and only incur a premium if they are triggered.
3 Number 1 in Australia by primary relationships, CFDs, Investment Trends December 2018 Leveraged Trading Report, FX, Investment Trends December 2018 Leveraged Trading Report
4 If you have traditional weekday positions on the FTSE 100, Germany 30, Wall Street or HS50, the valuations of these positions will not change during weekend trading after IG closes on a Friday. Stops and limits on these weekday positions will not be processed during weekend trading and order to open positions and trailing stops will not be accepted.
5 Trade cryptocurrencies from 2am Saturday through to 8am (AEDT). If you have a position open on one of these cryptocurrency markets, it will be affected by weekend trading. This additional trading period during the weekend means not only do you have longer to speculate on the price of different coins, but also any stops and limits you have open can be filled on the weekend.