CFD trading

Contracts for difference (CFDs) with IG – the flexible way to trade the financial markets

Why trade CFDs with IG?

It takes less than five minutes to complete the form and open a CFD trading account, and you get reduced commissions for your first two weeks.1

  • Join Australia's No.1 CFD provider2 for superior service and support

  • Competitive rates: FX from 0.6 pips, indices from 0.4 points, Australian shares from 0.08% commission with a minimum of $7

  • Never miss an opportunity, wherever you are, with our mobile trading apps

  • Opportunities in over 15,000 markets: global indices, forex, shares, commodities and more

  • Take control with our extensive range of stops, limits and alerts

  • Access our free research tools to become a better-informed trader

Choose from more than 15,000 markets

We’re proud to offer a huge range of trading options across the financial markets. It's another reason why we're the World's No. 1 CFD provider,3 with over 195,200 clients worldwide.4

  • Indices

    Australia 200, Wall Street, FTSE 100, Germany 30 and more

  • Shares

    Competitive rates on over 7500 shares, plus DMA trading

  • Forex

    Choose from over 90 currency pairs with Australia's No.1 retail forex provider5

  • Commodities

    Trade on gold, silver, oil and dozens more commodity markets

  • Cryptocurrencies

    Trade bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and ripple pairs

  • Other markets

    Deal on interest rates, bonds, sectors, ETPs and more

Open an account now

There's no minimum balance to open an account, it takes less than five minutes, and there's no obligation to fund or trade.

What are CFDs?

Contracts for difference (CFDs) allow you to open a contract for the difference in price of an asset, from the point of opening to when you close. 

  • Importantly, CFDs are a leveraged product. This means you only have to put down a small deposit for a much larger market exposure.
  • Leverage comes with significant benefits and risks: your capital can go further, but you can also lose more than your initial deposit.

CFD trading allows you to take a position on the future value of an asset whether you think it will go up or down. While this means the product is very flexible, it also requires a high level of risk management.

It's important to remember you're trading contracts with IG, not physically trading in the underlying market. This means you don’t actually own any assets.


How do I trade CFDs?

We set a price for a contract based on the underlying market, which you can buy or sell.

With each market you are given a 'buy' and 'sell' price either side of the underlying market price. You can trade on a market to go up (known as 'buying' or 'going long'), or you can trade on it to go down (known as 'selling' or 'going short').

Learn more about trading CFDs

How much does it cost to trade CFDs?

It depends on the market you choose. Generally you only pay a commission charge for share CFDs, or a spread (the difference between the buy and sell prices) for all other markets. There is a small charge to fund positions overnight, a small premium for guaranteed stops, and other fees.

See our full charges and fees

Is it risky?

Yes, CFDs do carry risk - if the market moves against you, you lose money. And because CFDs are leveraged products, you could lose more than your deposit.

IG offers a full range of tools to help you manage your risk.

See risk management tools

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1 Introductory offer. See more details.

2 Number 1 in Australia by primary relationships, Investment Trends August 2017 CFD Report.

3 World's largest retail CFD provider by revenue (excluding FX). Source: Published financial statements, as at February 2018.

4 IG globally, year ending 31 May 2015


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