How to invest in Vietnam

We explain how Vietnam has become one of the fastest-growing countries in the world and how investors can grab a slice of the action.

What are the top ETFs to watch?

We outline ten areas that investors may want to gain exposure to in 2020 and explain why ETFs are the best way to get it.

US earnings resilience

Global market sentiment was seen picking up a notch overnight with Wall Street gaining on earnings despite the uncertainty that persists on US-China trade.

Brexit-proof investments and trading opportunities

The future of Brexit is unknown, but investors and traders need to be proactive if they are to avoid any sudden shocks. We explain how to Brexit-proof your investment portfolio and outline some trading ideas.

Wading through the trade waters

A mixed but muted tone sets in for Asia markets going into Wednesday with the crowd finding it difficult to put a finger as to where the ongoing US-China trade issue is headed.

Trumps’ temporary tariffs relief for markets

In the twist and turns of US-China trade relations, we are once again going back to risk-on atmosphere midweek with President Donald Trump seen caving to certain extent on tariffs, though the sustainability remains to be seen.

Lacklustre trade for Asia

The lack of strong impetus once again sees Asia markets trading mixed into Tuesday. This comes after Wall Street chalked up fresh records, albeit with very mild gains.