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We are always transparent with our charges, so you know what costs you may incur when you trade with us

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Our online rates

Trading Australian shares incurs a commission of just $8 per trade or 0.1%, whichever is higher. For US markets, our fee is US$10, or 2 cents per share. For European markets, we charge £10 / €10 per trade or 0.1%.


Commission per trade

Australia $8 / 0.1%
US US$10 / 2 cents per share
UK £10 / 0.1%
Germany €10 / 0.1%
Ireland €10 / 0.1%

Phone charges

Trading by phone incurs the following rates.


Minimum charge

Australia $50 / 0.1%
US US$50 / 2 cents per share
UK £40 / 0.1%
Germany €50 / 0.1%
Ireland €50 / 0.1%

Foreign exchange fees

For relevant transactions, we will convert currencies at the time of execution based on the best available bid / offer exchange rates, plus a spread of just 0.5%.

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Free transfers

Consolidate your shareholdings by transferring any existing stocks to your IG account for free.

See our share transfers page for more.

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Subscription fee

A quarterly $50 subscription fee may be charged from your share trading account depending on your trading activity that quarter. To be exempt from the charge, you will need to:

  • Deal at least three times across either of your share trading or CFD accounts during the quarter,


  • Hold no open positions in your share trading account at the end of the quarter.

Please note, as long as you have no open positions at the end of the quarter, you will not be charged a subscription fee regardless of whether you hold a cash balance on the account. The subscription fee will apply per client rather than per account. Please see our customer agreement for more information.

Quarterly cycle Month charged if you have not met the criteria
January - March April
April - June July
July - September October
October - December January

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Other fees



Standard bank transfer Free
Voting on company matters Free
Same-day bank transfer

$15 with a minimum requirement of $2000 (withdrawals in other currencies may have other charges)

International bank transfer Free (although there may be a charge from the bank side)
Physical share dematerialisation Free
Additional services1


Account documentation fee We charge a US$50 fee on accounts which have not supplied a mandatory W-8 or W-9 form prior to the dividend ex-date of a qualifying trade on a US-incorporated stock. We do not apply this fee to accounts with up-to-date documentation or accounts which have not entered into qualifying trades. We will notify you if you have entered into a qualifying trade and need to complete a form.

1 Additional services include but not limited to the following optional services: Arranging AGM attendance and receiving hard copies of company reports.

Where applicable, GST applies.

Please note:

1. There may be additional charges and taxes for particular instruments that you trade that are charged by the particular market. Please call us on on 1800 601 734 for further details.

2. We may charge you a fee if we are required to perform a service on your behalf that is not set out in our product details.

3. There may be additional charges for particular currency withdrawals. Please call us on on 1800 601 734 for further details.

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Notes to tables

To determine whether a particular charge applies, please call our helpdesk before you trade.

1. Commission charges are calculated as a flat fee, a percentage of the transaction value or as cents per share for US shares. Where we offer trading on shares that are dual-listed and fully fungible for settlement on both exchanges, the commission charges relevant to the country where the primary listing is held will apply.

2. We will let you know in writing which commission rates apply at the time you open your account.

3. Trading hours are as follows:

  • UK shares (LSE): 08.00-16.30 (London time)
  • US shares: 09.30-16.00 (New York time). US Shares trading under our 'US All Sessions' offering are tradable from 07:00-17:30 (New York Time)
  • European shares: Market hours vary depending on the relevant exchange, please call our helpdesk on 1800 601 734 for details
  • Orders may operate differently depending on the third party we send your Order to, in particular in relation to pre- and post-market sessions for US shares. Some US shares may be visible outside of normal market hours but are not currently tradable on our platform. If you would like further details about how Orders work or on the ability to trade US shares outside of normal market hours, please contact one of our dealers

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Government taxes and levies

You may be subject to additional trading fees or taxes depending on the country where the share is listed.


Charge value



Transaction history name

UK stamp duty reserve tax3 0.50% Buy n/a SDRT
UK PTM £1 Both £10,000 PTM levy
Ireland stamp duty 1.00% Buy n/a Irish tax
Ireland ITP €1.25 Both €12,500 ITP Levy
US on-exchange fee 0.00207% Sell n/a Section 31 fee

3 Non-CREST-eligible and CREST-eligible residual stocks are subject to a minimum stamp duty charge of £5.00, rounded up to the nearest £5.00.

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Available markets

We quote more than 13,000 shares from the following stock indices in local denominations:

  • Australia: ASX 200, ASX 300 and many other small cap Australian stocks
  • US: S&P 500, DOW 30, NASDAQ 100 and many other small cap US stocks
  • UK: FTSE 100, FTSE 250 and many other small cap UK stocks
  • Germany: DAX, HDAX, MDAX
  • Ireland: ISEQ

If you are looking for a specific stock that you can't find on our platform, please call us on 1800 601 799 to discuss your individual requirements.

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Trading international shares

Trade more than 11,000 international shares with an IG Share Trading account.

Prices are offered in local denominations, so you know exactly what you're paying, and our fee to convert to your chosen base currency is just 0.5%.

Obtaining live prices from an exchange can incur a monthly fee, but we will refund this fee if you placed a minimum number of deals in the previous month.

See our full shares list to find your next trade.

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Standard margin rate and limited risk premiums

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Tiered margins and limited risk premiums

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