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Once you’ve opened and funded a Share Trading account, you’ll be able to buy your first shares. Here’s a step-by-step guide to share dealing with us.

Finding your share

  1. Log into your IG account, then go to the 'finder' panel on the platform. 
  2. Type in the name of your market, and select it when it appears.
  3. It will then appear in the ‘prices’ panel. From here you can view real-time price information, launch a chart, or open the deal ticket by clicking the market’s name.
  4. On the deal ticket, you’ll see two tabs: ‘at quote’ and ‘on exchange’. Trading at quote means that we’ll give you the best price from a range of market makers. Trading on exchange means interacting directly with the order book of the relevant exchange.

Placing an order - at quote

  1. To trade at quote, select whether you are buying or selling shares, and the quantity of shares you want to trade.
  2. Hit ‘get quote’, and we’ll give you the best price available.
  3. You’ll then have 15 second to confirm your deal. If the time expires, you can request a requote.

Placing an order – on exchange

  1. To trade on exchange, decide whether to buy or sell, and how many shares you want to trade.
  2. Select an order type. Hover over the ‘more info’ icon to learn more about each type of order.
  3. If you selected a limit order, you’ll have to specify the price at which you’d like us to deal.
  4. Click ‘place order’ to confirm your deal.

Monitoring and closing your position

  1. If your order is filled immediately, it will appear under ‘open positions’. If not, it will appear in ‘working orders’.
  2. To sell your shares, click on the market name in open positions. Select ‘sell’, then enter the amount of shares you’d like to sell and confirm the deal

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