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Introduction to trading

Trading basics 

Get to grips with all the essentials you’ll need to start trading on the financial markets.

Costing and pricing

Understand how markets are priced and which costs you’ll need to take into account when trading.


Explore the range of financial markets you could trade and find out what makes them tick.

Managing risk 

All trading involves a degree of risk – learn what’s involved and how to manage it effectively.

Building a trading plan

Discover how to use a businesslike approach to gain an edge in the markets.

How to trade with IG

CFD trading

Get ready to make your first CFD trade with our guides to funding, opening a position and stops.

Share Trading

Get ready to make your first shares trade with our shares and ETFs.

Platforms and features

Learn how to get the most from our trading technology and see how your demo account can help.

How to be a better trader

Strategy and planning 

Discover the importance of a trading plan, explore different strategies and learn to avoid common mistakes.

Technical analysis 

Find out how to identify potential trading opportunities using chart patterns and formations, starting with the basics.

Advanced platforms

Learn how sophisticated tools such as automated trading, advanced charting and DMA can benefit you and your trading choices.

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