ETFs trading

Discover a new way of investing with our range of exchange traded fund CFDs

What is an ETF?

ETFs are investment products made up of a selection or ‘basket’ of related assets. They are designed to track the performance of indices, sectors, commodities, bonds or currencies.

As investment funds, ETFs provide exposure to a portfolio of financial instruments, but have the added benefit of being traded just like shares on a stock exchange.

How can you trade ETFs with IG?

IG offers a wide range of contracts for difference, or CFDs, based on ETFs. These CFDs precisely track the underlying price of the ETF, meaning you can trade on the price of the ETF without needing to actually own the ETF itself.

See our ETF costs and details within the CFD shares list.

Why use ETFs?

  • Diversify your portfolio

    Balance your investments across a range of regions, sectors and asset types 

  • More trading opportunities

    Access hard-to-reach markets, trade at any time during market hours and switch strategies seamlessly

  • Convenient to trade

    Combine what would be several trades on individual assets into a single transaction

  • Wide range available

    ETFs can track the performance of a single index, currency, or commodity, as well as mixed baskets made up of several asset classes

The benefits of trading ETFs with IG

Hundreds of global markets

With IG, you can gain access to exotic indices and sectors by trading CFDs on ETFs listed all over the world.

Low currency transfer cost

ETFs are traded in multiple currencies globally, and we have a conversion fee of just 0.3%.

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