ETF trading

ETFs are a low-cost, flexible way to invest. Track the performance of indices, sectors, commodities and more with our range of exchange traded funds (ETFs).

What are ETFs?

An exchange traded fund is an investment fund that seeks to track a whole index, sector or market. An ETF will hold assets that enable it to track its benchmark market as accurately as possible – for example, a FTSE-tracking ETF might hold shares in all of the FTSE 100’s constituent companies.

You can buy ETFs like normal shares on a stock exchange, but they can provide exposure to a whole group of assets with a single investment. So rather than having to hold positions in many constituent companies to get exposure to the FTSE 100, for example, you could buy an ETF and only have one position to monitor and manage. Many investors consider ETFs to be an ideal core for their portfolio.

Why choose IG?

In addition to the cutting-edge technology you’d expect from a world leader, we offer:

Huge range of markets

We offer thousands of ETFs through our share trading account, enabling you to find a product to suit any investment strategy

Low currency conversion fees

ETFs are traded in multiple currencies globally, and we offer a conversion fee of just 0.5%

Expert support when you need it

Our helpdesk team has in-depth knowledge of ETFs and will be happy to answer any queries you have

Access leading ETF providers

You can invest in ETFs from some of the world’s biggest providers, including:

iShares by BlackRock

A world leading ETF provider offers exposure to a wide range of asset classes and markets, primarily through general index tracker funds


Offers a variety of ETFs covering US and international stock and bond markets, as well as industry-specific sectors

ETF Securities

Offers a comprehensive range of specialist ETFs covering commodities, FX, fixed income and equities

If there’s an ETF you’d like to invest in that’s not currently available, simply email or call 1800 601 734 to request a new product.

How to invest in ETFs with IG

Open an IG share trading account and you can buy and sell thousands of ETFs directly for as little as $8 commission.

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