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How will the UK’s EU referendum vote unfold on the day?

The UK’s referendum on whether to continue its membership of the EU takes place on June 23. It’s been cited by experts as a key risk facing financial markets and the broader economy in the UK and elsewhere. So how will the vote itself unfold and when will key announcements be made?

Polling stations open at 7.00 am in the UK morning and close at 10.00 pm in the evening on June 23. Once the polls close, the ballot papers from the individual stations will be taken to 382 local centres. Results will be declared centre by centre once they are known and they have been approved by regional Counting Officers...more.

Sterling opportunities ahead of Brexit vote

Ahead of the UK’s EU referendum in June, the possibility of a Brexit throws up opportunities in the forex market. Here’s a look at GBP/USD and GBP/EUR.

Ahead of the UK’s referendum on continued EU membership, the possibility of a Brexit is dominating sentiment surrounding the pound. The FX market is arguably one of the most responsive to economic affairs and as such, monthly GBP/USD volatility in the first quarter of 2016 has been notably higher than in the second half of 2015....more

Trading the Brexit vote

UK stocks have so far showed little reaction to the impending UK referendum on EU membership, but that’s likely to change as the vote nears. There are ways investors can look to trade the volatility around the vote and the result itself.

Markets hate uncertainty, and the UK’s referendum on whether to remain in the EU is raising plenty of that. As the June 23 vote nears, and markets focus on the potential outcome, volatility in the London stock markets is likely to increase, opening up opportunities for investors looking to trade on the outcome...more.

UK stocks face a potential Brexit shock

UK stocks have so far proved fairly immune to EU referendum polls suggesting an exit is almost as likely as a vote to remain. That will change if the UK electorate does vote for a Brexit. So which stocks are most insulated from, and which most exposed to, a potential vote to leave?

UK stocks have so far ignored the risk of a potential Brexit, and those with greater exposure to EU markets have actually outperformed peers who generate more earnings outside the block...more.

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