Who typically trades on leverage?

Leveraged trading is accessible to a wide range of people

You don’t need specific qualifications or access to specialist software to be able to trade with leverage, and you don’t need lots of money to get started. This means it’s accessible to a wider variety of people than traditional trading.

For example, leveraged trading can appeal to:

  • People who are looking to build a new source of income
  • Those who want to take a view on the movement of financial markets
  • Traders looking to try new types of financial asset (eg shares dealers who might want to try betting on stock indices or forex)
  • Investors who want their money go further with leverage (remembering that leverage can also magnify losses)
  • Those who enjoy challenging themselves and exploring the world of finance
  • People looking to supplement their retirement pot
  • Trading professionals who want to make a living from the markets

Risk warning: Remember that leveraged products can result in losses that exceed deposits.

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