All trading involves risk. Losses can exceed deposits.
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How to spread bet

All trading involves risk. Losses can exceed deposits.

Placing a bet using our trading platform

Let’s say you think Microsoft’s share price is likely to rise soon. Placing a bet ‘buying’ Microsoft will enable you to profit if the price does increase. You decide to log in to our trading platform and check what prices we’re offering for Microsoft.

Finding prices

To check the live prices for Microsoft, you can use the finder. Either use the inbuilt navigation tree, or simply type the first few letters of the market’s name – a dropdown menu will automatically show all the markets that match. Selecting the market you want will import it into the ‘prices’ panel.

In the ‘Prices’ section you’ll see several available bets for Microsoft. As well as the Daily Funded Bet, you’ll see the forward prices we’re offering. The further forward the contract month, the longer you’ll be able to hold your bet open for, but the wider the spread will be. The wider spread is down to the inbuilt funding costs for holding your bet open during that time.

You decide to deal on the DFB price. Click on the green button next to that bet – or on the market name itself – and a deal ticket will pop up.

The deal ticket

The deal ticket is pre-populated with the current prices – the bid of 2603 is in the ‘Sell’ box, and the offer of 2610 is in the ‘Buy’ box. The prices constantly update, so you can keep an eye on the ticket waiting for the right price if you like.

You then need to specify your bet size, in units of currency per point. The ‘currency’ dropdown is normally set to GBP as a default, although there may be other currencies available. To help you, the minimum bet size is shown. So let’s say you want to ‘buy’ Microsoft at £1 per point. Simply enter '1' as your bet size.

The bottom half of the deal ticket allows you to add more advanced instructions, but we won’t go into those at this point.

When you’re happy to deal at the offer price, hit ‘Buy’. This opens your bet. You’ll receive a message showing that your bet has been accepted. Bear in mind that bets are occasionally rejected, but the vast majority go through without any problems. Check the reference details on your acceptance message carefully to make sure the deal is as you intended.

Calculating profit/loss

Your open bet will now appear in the ‘open positions’ pane in our trading platform. All the time your position is open, you’ll be able to see your profit or loss by checking the profit/loss column.

In two months' time, Microsoft's stock has risen, as you expected. You decide to close your bet and collect your profits. To do this, you simply ‘Sell’ the same bet size that you ‘bought’ initially.

The easiest way to do this is to bring up a ‘close position’ screen by clicking on the green button or market name of the position in the ‘open positions’ pane. When you click on ‘Sell’, you’ll receive another confirmation to let you know that you have sold £1 per point.

Our trading platform

These days, the vast majority of spread bettors choose to deal online.

Our award-winning trading platform has been designed to be as user friendly and intuitive as possible. When you first log in, you’ll see that the screen is divided into four specific areas:



This pane at the top of the screen shows our most popular markets. Once you’ve got going, you can add your favourite markets into personalised watchlists of your own.


This pane on the left enables you to quickly find a particular market among the thousands we offer. There’s no need to navigate through endless screens to find what you’re looking for. Once you’ve found your market, you can display its live prices in the ‘prices’ pane.

Open positions

This pane, below the watchlist pane, shows the positions you currently have open. You can clearly see which ones are in profit and which are in loss.

Working orders

If you have set orders to open or close positions at particular price levels, you’ll see these orders listed in this pane at the bottom of your screen.


These are the four default panes for the platform, but you don’t have to stick with them. You’re welcome to customise the screen to your preference by adding or removing other options.

Our charts

We offer a number of charts to support your dealing, from the basic to the advanced.

When logged into the platform, you can view a performance chart for any market you’re thinking of spread betting on. Once you’ve selected a market, click on the little chart icon to the right of the market name. A chart will pop up showing how that market’s performed over the past few hours, days, weeks or months – your choice.

You’ll also receive free use of the powerful Autochartist pattern recognition tool, which monitors market performance and automatically identifies potential opportunities.

To learn about using chart patterns to plan your positions, head to our technical analysis section.


We also offer ProRealTime provided by IT-Finance, a leader in charting technology. This package incorporates our innovative deal-through technology, enabling you to place orders directly from the charts.

To deal directly through a chart, just 'drag and drop' opening orders onto your charts – and adjust them with the click of a mouse. The orders are displayed as lines and are activated when breached. This means that when a market passes the level you’ve tagged, your order will be activated and your position opened.

You’ll also see any orders you placed using deal-through in the orders to open panel of our trading platform. Your orders to close will also appear on the chart, and can be edited via deal-through.

Features of deal-through charts

Deal-through charts have all the benefits of our main charting package, and are fully customisable to your preferences.

As well as standard stops and limits, you can set indicator-based triggers which automatically create orders for you if they’re passed. This allows you to automatically open positions if Autochartist identifies a complete chart pattern that suggests a likely next movement.

You can access deal-through charts as soon as you subscribe to our Advanced Charts package. Just activate the feature in the 'My Account' area of our trading platform, then open our normal Charts package. There is a special deal-through help section in the platform, which you can access through the tools menu.