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Compare buying shares with an IG share dealing account against three of our competitors, to find out how our rates – zero commission on US share trades, and £3 for UK share trades – stack up.1

You’ll also see how we compare to other stocks and shares ISA providers. With market-leading rates, no admin fee for your ISA, and low conversion on international shares, it’s clear to see why more and more people are choosing to invest with IG.

Your capital is at risk

The value of investments can fall as well as rise, and you may get back less than you invested. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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Provider IG Hargreaves Lansdown Barclays Smart Investor AJ Bell
Best commission rate on US shares Free £5.95 n/a £9.95
Standard commission rate on US shares £10 £11.95 n/a £9.95
How to qualify for the best rate 3+ trades in prior month 20 trades in prior month n/a n/a
Best commission rate on UK shares £3 £5.95 £6 £4.95
Standard commission rate on UK shares £8 £11.95 £6 £9.95
How to qualify for the best rate 3+ trades in prior month 20 trades in prior month n/a 10 trades in prior month
Quarterly account fee £242 (reduced by commissions paid during the quarter) 0.45% of assets capped at £11.25 per account type 0.1%: min £12, max £375 0.25% of assets, capped at £7.50 per account type
FX conversion fee3 0.5% 1% n/a 1%
Commission on trades placed by phone £40

1% (min £20, max £50)

£25 £29.95

[Data taken from competitor websites, correct at 24/06/2020].

Remember our share dealing account doesn’t just stand out on price: our pricing and execution technology helps you find the best available price on every trade, and our integrated analysis tools keep you ahead of the curve.

For more information on buying shares with IG, take a look at our share dealing page.

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1Place 3+ trades on your share dealing account in the previous month to qualify for our best commission rates.

2You’ll be charged a custody fee of £24 per quarter if you hold investments on a share dealing account or ISA at the end of each quarter. The fee does not apply if you only hold cash on your account.

The custody fee is also dependent on your trading activity, and commissions paid during the quarter will be deducted from the fee. You will be exempt from the charge if you:
• Deal three or more times on your share dealing account during the quarter
• Hold investments worth £15,000 or more across your IG Smart Portfolio accounts at the end of the quarter
If a custody fee is due, we’ll debit it from your share dealing account first. If sufficient funds aren’t available, we’ll then deduct from your ISA account. If there is insufficient cash on both accounts, the account with the highest asset value will be taken overdrawn.
3FX rate based on a £5,000 trade.