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Our management fee is quoted annually for greater clarity, but is calculated daily and charged on a monthly basis. The cost of an ETF is automatically deducted from its performance, so is not directly charged to you.

Clients do not pay dealing commissions. Transaction costs are almost exclusively due to the small difference between market BUY and SELL prices (the ‘bid-ask spread’). We estimate those to be 0.07% across the portfolios; 0.06% for IG dealing in ETFs and 0.01% for costs within the ETFs.

Projected performance is estimated and not a reliable indicator of future returns. The real returns of your portfolio will vary from the estimates shown. Projected performance is shown on a total return basis, in sterling, taking into account the impact of fees. We’ve calculated our projection by using the historic performance of funds and market indices which have historically behaved in a similar way to the ETFs in your proposed portfolio. Projected and past performance are both useful, but both have limitations as no one knows how markets will act in the future. Projections should be treated as estimates and considered along with other factors before you invest.

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