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Stocks and shares ISA

Open an IG ISA within an IG share dealing account, and you can buy and sell ETFs completely commission free until 30 April.

Your capital is at risk. Tax laws may change.

Why open a stocks and shares ISA with IG?

  • Zero commission on ETFs
    No commission on our huge range of ETFs until 30 April 2017

  • £5 special commission 
    On UK shares if you’ve placed ten trades in the previous month2

  • £8 standard commission
    Pay no more than £8 for UK shares

  • Flexible ISAs
    Withdraw funds without reducing your allowance

  • Reward when you transfer
    You could receive up to £250 when you transfer your existing investments to us

  • A better provider for international shares
    0.3% conversion fee, over 5000 shares to choose from

How to open an IG stocks and shares ISA

To open an IG stocks and shares ISA you first need to create a share dealing account.

1. Click 'create account' and open a share dealing account

2. Log in and go to the 'my account' section

3. Click 'add ISA'

Please note you must be a UK resident to open an IG stocks and shares ISA.

Create account 

Already an IG client?

  • Existing IG share dealing account holders can simply log in, go to the 'my account' section and click 'add ISA'.
  • Existing CFD and spread betting account holders will need to log in, go to the 'my account' section and click 'add share dealing' before selecting 'add ISA'.

Once you have added an IG ISA, you could be eligible for a cash reward if you transfer an existing stocks and shares ISA to us. There are no IG fees for transferring, either – simply use our ISA transfer form.

Trade commission-free ETFs

Pay zero commission on more than 1000 ISA-eligible exchange traded funds (ETFs) until 30 April.1 After that, commission will vary depending on the exchange the ETF is trading on.

To meet your financial goals, it’s crucial to invest in a diversified way — and ETFs enable you to invest in a diversified range of assets in a single trade. If the value of those assets goes up, so does the value of the ETF. This means they can be a great way of gaining exposure to a whole sector, index or group of commodities without buying a large set of different assets.

Their low cost and transparent nature makes them ideal building blocks for an investment portfolio. Watch the video to find out more, or use our  ETF Screener to see which ETFs are eligible with an IG ISA.

Open an account now

It's free to open an account, takes less than five minutes, and there's no obligation to fund or trade.


What is an ISA?

An ISA (individual savings account) is a retail investment available to UK residents that is exempt from income tax and capital gains tax on its returns.3

There are restrictions on how much you can invest in an ISA each year: the current yearly maximum you can invest in a stocks and shares ISA is £15,240.

What is a stocks and shares (S&S) ISA?

A stocks and shares ISA is a type of ISA where money is invested in 'qualifying investments'. Examples include cash, unit trusts, stock market company shares and government bonds.

You may invest up to your full ISA limit in a stocks and shares ISA.

How much can I invest in an S&S ISA?

The current yearly maximum you can invest in a stocks and shares ISA is £15,240.

Do you offer a flexible ISA?

Flexible ISAs are a new addition to ISAs that allow you to withdraw some of the money invested in your ISA and reinvest it at a later date, without reducing your total allowance. So if you’ve got a flexible ISA with £10,000 of funds invested in it, and you withdraw some of those funds, your remaining ISA allowance will increase to reflect the funds that you can now pay back in.
Flexible ISAs launched on April 6 and are now available through the IG platform.

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ISA-eligible ETFs commission free from 1 March to 30 April 2017. After this, normal commission rates apply. Please read the prospectus or Key Investor Information document before investing in an ETF.

2 If you have an active CFD or spread betting account that is accessible under the same login as your share dealing account, you’ll automatically qualify for our lowest commission rate if you’ve placed at least one spread bet or CFD trade in the previous calendar month. If you do not have a CFD or spread betting account with IG, your commissions will be determined based on your share-dealing activity (UK stocks only). Place 10+ trades in the previous month to qualify for a £5 commission rate. See our full list of share dealing charges and fees.

3 Invest up to £15,240 in shares this tax year without incurring capital gains or income tax. Tax laws are subject to change and depend on individual circumstances. Tax law may differ in a jurisdiction other than the UK.

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