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OMX 30

A decade of trade: 2009 — 2019

How have the constituents of the OMX 30 fared over the past 10 years? Explore the chart below to separate the stalwarts and fast growers from the cyclicals and turnarounds.

The Stockholm Stock Exchange, or OMX, has returned over 200% since the end of the global financial crisis.

The index's largest sectors are industrials and appliances, with a large number of exports to neighboring European countries and therefore a large reliance on a strong European economy to spur demand. Over the last decade, a strengthening Euro-Krona exchange rate has helped to bolster exports.

OMX 30: 2009 — 2019

Graph shows OMX 30 performance year on year over the past decade. Additional companies can be added to the chart using the search facility and filters below.

The OMX 30:
A decade of trade

Erik Hansen

Erik Hansen

Senior Market Analyst, IG group

In the decade since the financial crisis the OMX has climbed to new heights, despite two major corrections driven by concerns about the debt crisis in Europe and the economic slowdown in China. Earnings growth for companies listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange has been supported by the Riksbank's expansive monetary policy combined with a weakening of the Swedish krone and low interest rates. Among the sectors, real estate has been the strongest, while retail has been the losing sector.