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A decade of trade: 2009 — 2019

How have the constituents of the EuroStoxx 50 fared over the past 10 years? Explore the chart below to separate the stalwarts and fast growers from the cyclicals and turnarounds.

EUROSTOXX 50: 2009 — 2019

Graph shows EuroStoxx 50 performance year on year over the past decade. Additional companies can be added to the chart using the search facility and filters below.

A decade of trade

David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez

Market Analyst, IG group

The Eurostoxx 50 comprises companies across the continent, selecting from some of the largest European firms. Unlike other indices, which have seen strong returns since the financial crisis, the index has seen a rise of just 17% (excluding dividends), or an annualised return of 1.6% per year. When dividends are included, the return becomes more impressive, at 69% or 5.7% annualised. Over the course of time, the composition of the index has evolved, although it retains a significant weighting to oil and gas firms. Weaker eurozone growth has meant that the index has lagged behind other developed markets.