All trading involves risk. Losses can exceed deposits.

Extended hours on US stocks

Make the most of the US markets with IG and trade even when announcements are made after the US market close. Trade out of hours on over 70 key US stocks.

All trading involves risk. Losses can exceed deposits.

What does 'extended hours' mean?

The US stock market opens from 2:30pm to 9pm London time, which means many UK-based trading companies only allow you to trade up until 9pm.

We know that many IG clients need to trade outside these hours to make the most of company announcements. That's why we've made sure our clients can trade CFDs and spread bet on dozens of key US stocks at the most important times - up until 1am Mon-Thurs and 10pm Fri (London time).

This offering is also available to share dealing clients, from 12pm-10.30pm Mon-Thurs and until 10pm Fri.

Stocks available for extended-hours trading with IG

US earnings season schedule

Several major companies release their quarterly figures across similar months every year:

  • January and February
  • April and May
  • July and August
  • October and November

 See below for a list of major companies and the dates of their latest/upcoming earnings announcements.


Reporting date*

Expected time

Event description

EPS results

Expected Actual
JPMorgan Chase & Co 13/04/18 Pre-market Q1 (2018) $2.28 $2.37
Bank of America Corp 16/04/18 Pre-market Q1 (2018) $0.59 $0.62
Netflix Inc 16/04/18 Post-market Q1 (2018) $0.72 $0.76
International Business Machines Corp 17/04/18 Post-market Q1 (2018) $2.42 $2.45
General Electric Co 20/04/18  Pre-market Q1 (2018) $0.12 $0.16
Procter & Gamble Co 20/04/18  Pre-market Q3 (2018) $0.98 $1
Alphabet Inc 23/04/18 Post-market Q1 (2018) $9.28 $9.93
Caterpillar Inc 24/04/18 Pre-market Q1 (2018) $2.12 $2.82
Coca-Cola Co 24/04/18 Pre-market Q1 (2018) $0.46 $0.47
Boeing Co 25/04/18 Pre-market Q1 (2018) $2.58 $3.64
Facebook Inc 25/04/18 Post-market Q1 (2018) $1.66 $1.69
Twitter Inc 25/04/18 Pre-market Q1 (2018) $0.11 $0.16
Visa Inc 25/04/18 Post-market Q2 (2018) $1.01 $1.11 Inc 26/04/18 Post-market Q1 (2018) $3.12 $4.86
Intel Corp 26/04/18 Post-market Q1 (2018) $0.71 $0.87
Microsoft Corp 26/04/18 Post-market Q3 (2018) $0.85 $0.93
Exxon Mobil Corp 27/04/18 Pre-market Q1 (2018) $1.09 $1.1
Apple Inc 01/05/18 Post-market Q2 (2018) $2.64 $2.75
Gilead Sciences Inc 01/05/18 Post-market Q1 (2018) $1.66 $1.48
Pfizer Inc 01/05/18 Pre-market Q1 (2018) $0.75 $0.77
Snap Inc 01/05/18 Post-market Q1 (2018) -$0.16 -$0.13
Tesla Inc 02/05/18 Post-market Q1 (2018) -$3.42 -$3.35
Spotify Technology SA 02/05/18 Post-market Q1 (2018) -$0.31 -$1.01
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd 04/05/18 Pre-market Q4 (2018) Yuan 5.5 Yuan 5.73
Wal-Mart Stores Inc 17/05/18 Pre-market Q1 (2019) $1.12 $1.14


Normal margin requirements apply during the extended hours. Please make sure you have sufficient funds in your account to cover any open positions on these markets, as stops, limits and orders to open can be triggered during these times.

* Dates in square brackets [DD/MM/YY] are expected reporting dates; to be confirmed.

Get DMA out of hours

Use our ‘Limit – Day (All Sessions)’ DMA order type to get direct market access during US pre- and post-market sessions, on your desktop or mobile. 

Simply enable DMA on your CFD or share dealing account, and find it in the ‘order’ tab for ‘all sessions’ shares.

Order operating times

CFDs Share dealing

9am-1am Monday-Thursday

Until 10pm on Friday

12pm-10.30pm Monday-Thursday

Until 10pm on Friday


Please note that the order doesn’t allow you to participate in opening or closing auctions. Orders are subject to selective routing to particular US exchanges.

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