Forex volume rebate

Do you trade frequently?

If you trade FX in large volumes, you could take advantage of our volume rebate scheme. Depending on the amount of FX contracts you trade per month, you could receive up to USD$1.00 rebate per contract.

Trade more, pay less

If you trade more than 500 standard forex contracts (or equivalent) in one month, you may be eligible for our forex volume rebate. The rebate is divided into four tiers depending on how many contracts you trade each month.

Tiers Contracts Rebate per contract (USD$) Potential monthly rebate (USD$)
Tier 1 0 - 499 0 0
Tier 2 500 - 999 $0.50 $250 - $500
Tier 3 1000 - 2999 $0.75 $750 - $2250
Tier 4 3000+ $1.00 $3000 +


At the end of each month your total rebate will be confirmed and your account will be refunded on the 10th of the following month.

Forex rebate example

If you were to trade 2000 standard lots in one calendar month, you would receive a rebate of $1500 (calculation basis $0.75 rebated per contract traded).

Please note:

  • The period over which monthly rebates are calculated begins and ends with the start and finish of each calendar month in UK time. As forex markets are traded 24 hours, there will be a short period at the start and end of each month when the rebate period is not in sync with the calendar month in Singapore, due to the time difference with the UK.
  • Normally ten mini forex contracts, equates to one standard contract, please refer to product details for the specifics of each currency pair.
  • Forex rebates apply to our spread based offerings, which includes contracts traded via MT4. It is not paid on contracts traded via our DMA Forex Direct offering. Forex Direct charges are on a commission based structure.


Forex trading with the best forex provider in Singapore1

We offer fast, reliable, advanced forex trading, with:

Variable spreads on over 90 currency pairs, starting from just 0.6 pips

Range of platforms designed for all your devices

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And the introduction of our volume forex rebate is just another way we ensure you have the edge.

If you have any questions about our offering, please don’t hesitate to contact our helpdesk.

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Terms and Conditions

1. The terms of the offer are as set out above 2. The offer does not apply to DMA trades 3. The offer applies to standard contracts only, or the equivalent thereof. 4. Any rebate due will be calculated on the trading volumes at 21.59 UK time at the end of each calendar month and credited to your account on the 10th of the following month. 5. If, acting reasonably, we hedge any of your trades in the underlying market, any such trade will not be counted as a trade for the purpose of this offer. 6. If you cancel a trade it will not be counted as a trade for the purpose of this offer. 7. We reserve the right to alter, amend or terminate the rebate offer, or any aspect of it, at any time and without prior notice. We may make changes to the terms of the rebate offer and will notify you by posting the modified terms on our website. By continuing to trade you will be deemed as having accepted any such modified terms. 8. Any dispute will be resolved by our management in a manner it deems to be fairest to all concerned and that decision shall be final. We reserve the right to refuse to pay out under the offer if we have reasonable belief that the offer is being abused or the terms of our customer agreement are breached in any way.

1 Awarded the best forex provider in Singapore by the Global Brands Magazine in 2018

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