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Risk management

Protect your profits and limit your losses with our range of tools, including our innovative guaranteed stops

Designed to be easy to use, our risk management tools can help you enjoy peace of mind without the cost. Our guaranteed stops come free of charge unless your stop is hit.

  • Put an absolute limit on potential losses with our unique guaranteed stops

  • Place guaranteed stops with no upfront charge

  • Pay a low premium only if your guaranteed stop is triggered

  • Lock in potential profits with trailing stops

  • Set price alerts to notify you of market movements

  • Track your profit and loss with our desktop platform and mobile apps

Limited-risk accounts

A limited-risk account can protect you from taking on too much risk.

This type of account ensures that all your positions either have a guaranteed stop, or are inherently limited-risk markets such as digital 100s.

The other stop types you see listed on this page therefore aren’t available on limited-risk accounts.

We make the decision whether to give you a standard or limited-risk account, based on the information you give us when you open an account. Clients who are on a standard account who would like to protect themselves by changing to a limited-risk account can do so by contacting our helpdesk.

Our guaranteed stops

Attaching our unique guaranteed stops will put an absolute cap on your potential loss, for a small premium that’s only payable if your stop is triggered.

Even if the market gaps suddenly, your position will always be closed out at exactly the price you specified. You get watertight protection against slippage, and there’s potentially no cost for this powerful safeguard when you trade with IG.

If your stop is hit, our guaranteed stop premiums offer the best value in the market for most major indices and FX pairs.

You can add a guaranteed stop when you place a new trade or attach one to an existing position. An additional charge applies if the stop is triggered. Please note that guaranteed stops are not available for MT4 and DMA.

Did you know?

You can lower your margin requirements when you trade with a stop.

Our other risk management tools

Stop losses

Free | Non-guaranteed | Protects against adverse market moves

Non-Guaranteed Stops (“NGS”) can be added to your trades before you open them or by editing an open position. Set the level you want your position to close at if the market turns against you.

With NGS, once the price of the NGS is triggered, a market order at the NGS price level will be triggered. Market orders are subject to slippage so that your positions maybe be aggregated to be filled. Hence there is no guarantee that your market order triggered by the NGS will be filled at the NGS price level you had specified.



Trailing stops

Free | Track and protect profits | Non-guaranteed

Like a limit, a trailing stop is designed to protect your profit. Place a trailing stop when you open your trade and it will move with your profit. If the market turns, your position will close out at your trailing stop’s new level, not the level you originally placed it at.

Using a trailing stop means you lock in profits without the need to manually monitor your position and adjust your stop.

To activate trailing stops, go to My Account > Settings > Preferences, select Allow Trailing Stops, accept the T&Cs, and click Set Preferences.



Price alerts

Set price alerts to notify you when a market reaches a specified buy or sell price. Unlike a stop, a price alert keeps your position open, so you can decide what action to take as the market moves.

More about alerts


  • Free of charge          
  • Know when the market is making key moves but keep your position open
  • Delivered by email or text with customised message




Platform risk management features

Track your profit and loss

Our platform’s Open Positions and Working Orders windows give you a snapshot of your deals and running profit and loss.

If the market moves quickly against you, you can deal out almost instantly to protect a profit or minimise a loss.



Built-in risk protection

Whether you have a stop-loss or not, if the account equity (cash balance +/- running profit/loss) doesn’t cover your margin requirement, we may partially or fully close your positions if we don't hear from you. This is to help protect you from negative equity.

However, this protection isn’t automatic – we are not obliged to apply it and you shouldn’t rely on us doing so. It’s sensible to maintain adequate funds in your trading account to avoid potentially being closed out of positions you would rather remain open.

Reduced-risk trading for new accounts

New clients can deal at reduced minimum deal sizes for two weeks (CFDs and spread betting) and reduced commissions for six weeks (CFDs) with our introduction programme.

This is a useful way to reduce your risk exposure while you gain experience and confidence using our platform.

Open an account now

It's free to open an account, takes less than five minutes, and there's no obligation to fund or trade.

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Lower your margins and protect your downside using our unique guaranteed stops.
Compare the difference in margin requirements when you trade with our various stops.


Market Spot GBP/USD

Price:  1.2370/1.2372

Buy 1 contract at 1.2372 (1 contract = £100,000)

Type of stop

No stop loss

Non-guaranteed stop
Distance of 70 points (Stop level - 1.2302)

Guaranteed stop
Distance of 70 points ( Stop level – 1.2302)

Margin required (2%)


Margin: (Price X Margin X Contract Size X Slippage factor) + (Stop distance x amount per point)

Margin: (Stop distance X amount per point X 1.1) + (Guaranteed stop premium X amount per point)


(1.2372 X 2% X 100,000 X 30%) + ( 70 x 10)

(70 X 10 X 1.1) + (1 X 10)

= £2000 ≈ USD 2474.40

= USD 1442.32

= USD 780

Effective Margin 2% 1.16% 0.64%

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