SGD-denominated CFDs

SGD-denominated CFDs on indices and commodities.

Why trade SGD-denominated CFDs?

  • Metal and energy commodities enable you to avoid currency exposure

  • Simplify your strategy by trading select international markets in Singapore dollars

  • Use our mobile and tablet apps to trade whatever the time, wherever you are

  • Apply orders to manage your risk, without constantly monitoring your positions

Trade SGD-denominated CFDs with IG

SGD-denominated stock indices

  • FTSE® 100 Cash
  • Wall Street Cash
  • Germany 30 Cash
  • Japan 225 Cash
  • Hong Kong Cash HS50
  • China H-Shares Cash
  • China A50 Cash
  • US SPX500 Cash
  • US Tech 100 Cash
  • India 50 Cash
  • Australia 200 Cash

SGD-denominated commodities

  • US Light Crude
  • Spot Gold
  • Spot Silver

Summary of hours and spreads

Index & trading hours

In-hours spread1

Wall Street
24 hours


US 500
24 hours


Japan 225
24 hours


FTSE® 100
24 hours


US Tech 100
24 hours


Germany 30
24 hours


Hong Kong HS50
24 hours


Indices CFD costs and details

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1 Spreads are subject to variation, especially in volatile market conditions. Wider spreads apply when stock indices are quoted outside normal market hours; these are shown in brackets. 

SGD-denominated CFD example

Opening the CFD position

It’s early in October and our quote for the FTSE® 100 Cash is 5586/5587. You think UK stocks are going to climb higher and decide to buy five mini contracts at 5587 (one contract is the equivalent of £2 per index point). As with all our stock index CFDs, there is no commission to pay.

To open your position, you supply a deposit of £1500 (£300 per contract × 5 contracts). This means you will make or lose £10 for every point the sell price rises above or falls below 5587.

The GBP/SGD exchange rate on the day is 2.

Monitoring the CFD position

A week later, the FTSE® 100 Cash has risen to 5662/5663. You believe UK stocks will continue to climb higher and decide to keep your position open.

The GBP/SGD exchange rate on the day remains at 2.

Running gross profit on trade:
Opening level 5587
Current level 5662
Difference 75

Your running gross profit in GBP is £3750 (75 points x 5 contracts x £10 per point)
Your running gross profit in SGD is $7500 (£3750 x 2)

To calculate the net result you also have to include interest and dividend adjustments. Interest adjustments are applied daily to stock index trades in exactly the same way as to Share CFDs. Dividend adjustments are applied whenever a stock in the relevant index goes ex-dividend.

Closing the CFD position

Another week later, the FTSE® 100 Cash has not moved and remains at 5662/5664. You now believe UK stocks will retreat in the near term and decide to close your position.

Over the course of the week, the pound has depreciated against the Singapore dollar. The GBP/SGD exchange rate is now 1.95.

Your closing gross profit in GBP is £3750 (as calculated above)
Your closing gross profit in SGD is now $7312.50 (£3750 x 1.95)

Due to the new exchange rate, the gross amount made on the trade ($7312.50) is less than the running gross profit calculated in the previous week ($7500).

Using SGD-denominated contracts to avoid currency risk

Any profit or loss made on the FTSE® 100 Cash will be exposed to the currency rate fluctuation between the pound and the Singapore dollar. You can avoid this currency risk with our SGD-denominated CFD contracts.

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