ETP trading

Exchange Traded Products are investment products that track another investment instrument such as a commodity, currency, share price or interest rate.

Why trade ETPs with IG?

  • Combine what would otherwise be several trades in a single transaction

  • Continuous pricing means you can trade at any time during market hours

  • ETFs have the same level of flexibility and transparency as shares

When might you trade on ETPs?

  • To track a basket of shares or goods with a single transaction
  • ETPs are sometimes the only way to access exotic markets

Wide range of ETPs

We offer over 200 ETPs as CFDs, and most are listed on the leading exchanges around the world.

Exchange traded products

Commission per side

Limited risk premium

UK Top Tracker - ISF 0.10% 0.30%
ETC Crude Oil 0.10% 0.30%
MSCI Brazil - IBZL 0.10% 0.70%
DIAMONDS Trust Series I 2 cents per share 0.30%
Direxion Financial Bill 3X 2 cents per share 0.30%


See ETP costs and details within CFD shareslist


Notes to table

For some markets, a minimum charge may be applicable.

The Controlled Risk positions figures above are the rates applied in addition to the standard commission for a non-controlled risk position. This isolates the extra cost of Controlled Risk positions. For example, the commission for a Controlled Risk position on an ETC Crude Oil contract is 0.4% (0.1% + 0.3%).

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New to ETPs?

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are investment products that aim to replicate the movements of a particular stock index.

Exchange traded commodities (ETCs) work in a similar way, either tracking specific commodities or an index of diversified commodities.

You have the opportunity to take positions on otherwise inaccessible, niche markets with ETP CFDs - like the MSCI Brazil Fund that tracks Brazil’s leading shares, for example.

Just like trading the Singapore Blue Chip, ETP CFDs track collections of shares rather than just the performance of individual companies.

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