Get exposure on over 16,000 Global and Singaporean companies

Go long or short using CFDs (Contracts for Differences) and capitalise on both rising or falling prices.

The Benefits of CFDs

Go long or short

Unlike the traditional form of share trading, it’s just as easy to potentially benefit from falling markets as rising ones when trading CFDs.


By trading on margin, you can potentially increase the profits (or losses) you make from market movements. This means that you only need to deposit a small percentage of the full trade to take a position.

Shares vs CFDs long position example

With the same initial capital outlay of $3,800, you can increase your exposure and therefore leverage your capital with CFDs, leading to an increased return on investment (ROI). Bear in mind that more exposure also brings with it the risk of greater losses if prices fall.

With $3,800, you could get a CFD on $38,000 worth of shares:

Singapore Telecommunications Ltd Buying Shares Buying CFDs
Buy Price $ 3.80 $ 3.80
Shares 1,000 10,000
Trade Size $ 3,800 $ 38,000
Ongoing Margin Required %* 100% 10%
Initial Margin $ 3,800 $ 3,800
Days Position Held 10 10
Sell Price $ 4.00 $ 4.00
Gross Profit $ 200 $ 2,000
Annual Funding Charge % 0% 3.46%
Commission - Open $ 25 $ 38
Funding - 10 days - $ 36.02
Commission - Close $ 25 $ 40
Net profit

$ 150

$ 1,885.98
ROI % 3.9% 49.63%


If Singtel dropped by $0.20 and you crystallised a loss by selling out of your position: loss on share CFD will be much higher than traditional shares. Our risk management tools such as Stop Losses and Guaranteed Stop Loss orders (where available) can be used when trading CFDs to manage risk and limit any potential losses.  


*Ongoing or variation margin may be required.

Buy Price: Example price. Subject to change.
Ongoing Margin: Singtel's initial margin requirement is 10%. Ongoing margin may be required depending on the change in value of your open positions.
Gross Profit: ($4.00 - $3.80) x Shares.
Annual Funding Charge %: 2.5% + 1 month SIBOR
Commission – Open: Estimated amount from local brokers.
Funding – 10 days: Example calculated basis the value of trade at point of opening, actual charge is applied daily basis closing price of stock.
ROI%: Net profit / Initial Margin.

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1 Based on revenue excluding FX (published financial statements, June 2020).
2 Awarded the best forex provider in Singapore by the Global Brands Magazine in 2021.

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