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Charts can be a powerful tool, letting you identify market movement at a glance or delve deeper using technical analysis. And with IG charts, you can even make trades without opening a separate deal ticket. Here’s how to use our charts to their maximum potential.

Access charts

You can access a market’s chart on the IG platform by clicking on the chart icon next to its name. There are four different chart types for you to use: line, candlestick, mountain and HLOC (high low open close). You can switch between chart types via the cog on the top right-hand side of the window.

Place a trade

You can place trades by clicking the ‘deals’ tab along the top of the chart. Just like a normal deal ticket, you’ll be able to see the current buy and sell prices, input the size of your trade, and place any stops or limits.

Then when you are ready to place your trade, just hit ‘buy’ for a long position or ‘sell’ for a short position. 

Choose a timeframe

To switch between different timeframes on a chart, click the ‘daily’ tab at the top of the window. You’ll be able to choose from a number of timeframes, from as short as minute-to-minute to as long as a monthly view.

Analyse the markets

Use the ‘technical’ tab to add technical indicators onto your chart. There are a number of indicators to choose from, including moving averages MACD and RSI. If you want to remove your indicator, just click it again under the tab.

Add a drawing

If you want to highlight a particular pattern on the chart you’ve identified, you can do so using the ‘drawings’ tab.  You can use this to note down support and resistance levels or trend lines, for instance.

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