Margins and payments for differences

Please read these notes concerning margin payments and client funds.

Each time you open a position with us, you will be required to provide a cash deposit for that position (unless we agree otherwise). This is called margin and is normally between 5% and 75% of the transaction value. Your dealer will be able to confirm the exact amount of the margin required at the time you open the position.

For as long as the CFD is open, it is your responsibility to constantly monitor your open positions to ensure that you retain the correct margin value on open positions. To assess whether you are due to pay margin, you must add up the margin requirements for all open positions on your account.

If the cash on your account and the value of your open positions is less than the margin requirement on your account, you will be required to fund the shortfall. The amount for which you will be liable to pay will be sufficient to ensure that you have completely covered the margin requirement for all open positions on your account. Your current margin position (and any deficit) will be displayed on your secure section of our internet dealing site, or can be obtained from our dealers by telephone.

We may email you to inform you that you are liable to make an additional margin payment (a ‘margin call’), however our failure to make a margin call in no way negates your obligation to monitor your margin position and pay any shortfall. If you do not pay us any shortfall immediately, the Customer Agreement gives us significant rights against you that you should be fully aware of. These rights include, but are not limited to, closing your open positions without prior notice to you. We have these rights as soon as you have a margin shortfall – however large or small.

More information about margin and payments for differences requirements (and examples) can be found in the Product Disclosure Statement.

Client Monies

All client funds are held on trust in a separate trust account established, maintained and operated in accordance with the governing legislation. Money in this account will cease to be client money when it becomes due and payable to us. Clients should note that other than in highly exceptional circumstances, we will only accept payments into an account from the account holder and not from any third party.

You may request that money standing to the credit of your account be remitted to you. Payment of any such amounts will be subject to your leaving enough funds in your account to cover any margin requirements or any other charges that might arise for any reason. You should note that, other than in highly exceptional circumstances, all payments out of an account held with us must go directly to the account holder.

We do not pay interest on balances on client accounts.

Language services

We may be able to offer you specialist language services from time to time in your dealings with us but please note that these are not guaranteed to be available at all times, and English is the primary language in which our services are provided and the binding language of all our contractual documents. It is your responsibility to be able to monitor your positions and your account at all times.

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