Reduced minimums

Ready to take the next step on your trading journey? Get reduced minimum commission and reduced trade sizes in your first month when you open a CFD trading account or upgrade from a demo account.

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What are the benefits of reduced minimums?

Trade in a reduced-risk environment

Start building your confidence trading on live markets for your first 6 weeks

Speculate with real capital

Unlike a demo account, you’ll have the opportunity to make real profits (or losses)

Start with lower costs

Reduced minimum commissions on HK and US Share CFD

What are reduced minimums?

Reduced minimum deal or trade sizes, or reduced commission rates for CFD shares, enable you to take a position at 50% of the size that we normally require. This means they are a great way to start trading, or an ideal next step if you’ve been perfecting your trading skills on our demo account. Although you’ll be trading on live markets, you’ll be able to lessen your exposure, and so reduce your risk.

This offering is available for the entirety of your first 6 weeks trading from a live CFD account, on our Hong Kong and US shares.

Our prices are already competitive, but our reduced minimum deal sizes will help you keep costs down while you build your confidence trading live.

  • Trade size
  • Minimum Commission
Week FX, Commodities, Indices CFDs
1 - 2 50% of normal
3 - 4 1
5 - 6 1

Week US Shares - Google Hong Kong Shares - Alibaba
1 - 2 $2 HKD 6
3 - 4 $4 HKD 12.5
5 - 6 $9 HKD 30

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You’ll be eligible for reduced minimum deal sizes if:

  • You’re a new client, who is within the first month of creating their live account
  • You’ve been using an IG demo account and are within the first month of upgrading to a live account

You’ll be able to take advantage of our lower minimums offering for 6 weeks after you have opened your live account. During this time you can build your confidence trading, ready to start trading our standard deal sizes.

Yes – or at least, you’ll have to have a new live CFD trading account. If you have already been using our demo account, you can upgrade to a live account and still use reduced minimum deal sizes for the first 6 weeks.

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