IG trading alerts

You never need miss out on market movements or financial events with our free automated trading alerts.

Why use IG’s trading alerts?

Know exactly when to expect economic events and what their outcomes are

Be alerted when target prices or price changes are hit

Saves you time by monitoring markets on your behalf

React instantly to email or push notifications when on the move

What are trading alerts?

Trading alerts are free, automatic and customisable notifications sent to you whenever your specifications are triggered – like when economic events occur, prices move and technical conditions change. By having us monitor the markets for you, you’ll be able to get on with your day and take advantage of opportunity when it arises.

Examples of trading alerts

Free price alerts

Price alerts

  • Set price change alerts just once to be notified when your market moves by a certain percentage or amount in points – only available with IG
  • Create instant buy and sell price alerts on all our markets, including share price alerts, forex alerts and crypto alerts
  • Free notifications immediately sent by email or push notification
  • Use as part of your risk management strategy – price alerts keep your positions open, so you can decide when to take action

Economic results

  • Set alerts for upcoming macro events, like central bank announcements
  • Receive macroeconomic figures as soon as they are released
  • Set reminders to notify you of upcoming events, from 5-60 minutes before they occur
  • Get alerts by push notification on your mobile, in the platform or by email
  • Just tick the box next to your chosen event in our economic calendar to receive an alert

Free trading alerts

Technical indicator alerts

Technical indicator alerts

  • Create alerts using popular indicators: Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average, MACD, RSI, Standard Deviation, Stochastic, Bollinger Bands, Price (share CFDs only)
  • Place and create indicator alerts through our free charts
  • Create highly customised conditions by combining up to four different indicators

Open an account now to set an alert

Make your capital go further

Leverage gives you large exposure from a small amount of capital.

Help when you need it

Get expert support from our friendly team, around the clock.

Take a position, wherever you are

Trade on the move with our natively designed, award-winning trading app.

How to use trading alerts

  1. Create a trading account with IG
  2. Log in to your account and open the trading platform
  3. Select ‘alert’ within each market view
  4. Choose between ‘price’ and ‘indicator’ alerts
  5. Enter the market conditions under which your alert will be triggered
  6. Manage and cancel existing alerts in our menu
  7. Or, set alerts for upcoming announcements straight from our economic calendar

How to use trading alerts


What can I get trading alerts for?

You can get trading alerts for economic results, price movements – whether a level is hit, or a price changes by your chosen amount – and technical conditions.

How do I receive trading alerts?

You can receive trading alerts by push notification on your mobile, in the platform, or by email.

What’s the difference between a trading alert and a trading signal?

Trading alerts can be created to notify you of the most recent economic releases, price level changes and when your technical conditions are met. Trading signals inform you of significant trends or patterns in the markets that could lead to a trading opportunity.

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