2019–20 coronavirus pandemic

Where next for Qantas shares?

We examine some of the key developments from the airline over the last few months as well as look at where four of Australia’s top investment banks think the stock will head next.

easyJet and IAG set to trade higher over the long-term

easyJet and IAG shares have taken a beating this year, with the coronavirus pandemic grounding the airline industry. But with lockdown measures being lifted, both company’s are expected to see shares rebound in 2021.

How long will the easyJet and IAG shares stay grounded?

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to deliver a ‘roadmap’ for easing lockdown restrictions, but with travel bans to remain in place for some time the airline industry will remain grounded for the foreseeable future.

Uber vs Lyft shares: what to expect from Q1 results

Uber and Lyft shares have tanked as the coronavirus pandemic threatens to put the brakes on both ridesharing stocks. We explain what to watch out for in the first quarter results to be released later this week.