Marketing partnership compensation plan

Earn up to an industry-leading $1000 when you introduce a qualifying client to us.

What you'll earn

We want to incentivise you to make high-quality referrals. So you’ll be paid based on the size of your introduced clients’ initial deposits.

Your compensation will also vary depending on the type of account you refer, with special cases for certain countries. See how much you could earn below.

Leveraged commission structure (CFD, spread betting, forex, barriers,
options and turbo warrant accounts*)

*Spread betting available in the UK only; barriers and turbo warrants available in France, Germany, Ireland (excluding turbo warrants), Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden only.

First deposit Compensation per qualified introduced client1
US$250 - US$399 US$300
US$400 - US$799 US$600
US$800 - US$999 US$800
US$1,000 and above US$1,000

Non-leveraged commission structure (Share dealing accounts*)

*Share dealing accounts are not available in Singapore

First deposit Compensation per qualified introduced client1
Minimum US$700 US$70

Special cases

Country Compensation per qualified introduced client1
United States US$100 per valid account application2
Netherlands US$200 per valid account application

Banned countries

IG products cannot be advertised in certain countries, so it’s important that you don’t show IG Group ads to traffic with the IP address of these countries. Traffic from these countries to our websites is automatically blocked.

Not following this rule may result in the termination of our agreement. You can see a list of banned countries below.

List of banned countries

Burma / Myanmar
Central African Republic
Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)
Equatorial Guinea
North Korea
Palestinian Territory
Sierra Leone
South Sudan
Western Sahara

Premium levels

You’ll start your journey with us as a silver marketing partner. Increase your introductions, and you’ll increase your partnership status – enjoying greater rewards and service.

Criteria Silver Gold Diamond
Number of new qualified introduced clients1 Up to 25 a month 26-50 a month More than 50 a
month for 3 months
Required deposit per qualified introduced client1 $250 or equivalent in other currency $250 or equivalent in other currency $250 or equivalent in other currency
Required closed trades5 per qualified introduced client1 10 trades 5 trades 1 trade

Your rewards

Discover the better terms and higher compensation you’ll earn as you progress through our partnership levels.

Criteria Silver Gold Diamond
Payout per new qualified introduced client1 Up to $1000 Up to $1000 + $2500 bonus*2,3 Up to $1000 + $30,000 bonus2,3,4
Available media Banners, web and mobile Banners + text, social and emails6 All + tailored to your ad's needs6

Become an IG marketing partner

Start your IG marketing partnership application in two simple steps:

1. Check you meet our minimum requirements

2. Fill in our form to register your interest

Questions about our programme? Take a look at our our FAQs.

Please read this compensation plan in conjunction with the IG marketing partnership agreement ('Agreement'). Unless the context otherwise requires, defined terms used on this page shall have the same meanings given to them in the Agreement.

IG may change the compensation plan at any time at its sole and absolute discretion, by sending you a notice to such effect by email. In the event that you don’t agree to the change, you should notify IG by return email within three days of receiving such notice. The Agreement will then terminate immediately.

In the event that you don’t notify us by email within three days of receipt of the notice, it shall be deemed as an approval by you to the change in the compensation plan.

1 A Qualified Introduced Client is a client who has been referred by you and:

  • For leveraged commission structure (with the exception of barriers and options accounts): has deposited $250 or equivalent amount in other currency and has closed 10 trades.
  • For leveraged commission structure (barriers and options accounts): has deposited $250 or equivalent amount in other currency and has had 20 trading events.
  • For non-leveraged commission structure has deposited at least US$700 or equivalent amount in other currency and has closed one trade.

Please be aware that the above definition of a Qualified Introduced Client does not apply for the United States – see below. Also, for the Netherlands there are certain exceptions to the above – no minimum number of trades required; non-leveraged accounts will not qualify.

Please see the Agreement to check the full definition of Qualified Introduced Client – unless you’re referring clients from the United States, in which case you should refer to our US Agreement instead.

2 A valid account application is an individual or entity which has been referred by you, submitted an account application to IG which was then approved by IG to deposit and trade. No deposit required for a valid account applications.

3 Premium level upgrades (to Gold and Diamond) are subject to IG's compliance prior approval, and valid for the period of time the criteria was met. Compliance analysis and review may take up to 30 days.

4 Once you qualify to receive a Diamond Marketing Partner bonus, we shall pay you the difference between the Diamond Marketing Partner bonus and the Gold Marketing Partner bonus you received for the same quarter.

5 With regards to Required Closed trades for a Qualified Introduced Client, Sprints markets trades are excluded from counting.

6Advance marketing ads are subject to prior compliance approval.