Precious metals trading

Speculate on where gold, silver, platinum and palladium will be in the short or long term, with our wide choice of futures and spot markets.

Why trade precious metals with IG?

  • Spot and futures

    Speculate on futures markets, or take a short-term view with expiry-free products.

  • Metals on margin

    Gain full exposure to precious metals, such as gold, with only a small deposit.

  • Risk management tools

    Make sure you have complete control over every trade with stops, alerts and more.

Trading precious metals with IG

With IG, you can trade CFDs on gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

You’ll find quotes for all our precious metals on our trading platform. When you take a position, you’re speculating on the metal’s rise or fall in value, rather than taking actual ownership. If your prediction is correct, you’ll make a profit. If not, you’ll make a loss.

As CFDs are leveraged products, you’ll only ever need to put down a small deposit to gain exposure to the full value of your trade. Keep in mind that while this helps your capital to go further, it also means you stand to lose more than your initial outlay.

Factors affecting precious metal prices

Supply and demand

Like any product or service, a shortage of precious metals, or an increased need for them, makes them more valuable. For example, if a strike at a major silver mine interrupts production, silver prices may see an uplift over the short term.

An improvement in mining equipment, meanwhile, could have the opposite effect, speeding up production and saturating the market.

Economic uncertainty

In times of economic and political instability, precious metals are traditionally viewed as safe havens due to their lasting value.

We saw this theory in action when Donald Trump’s election caused gold to rally, as nervous investors flocked towards its market security. 

Industrial output

Precious metals have a huge range of industrial uses, including in the manufacture of automotive parts, medical devices, precision electronics and jewellery.

What’s more, new applications are continuously being developed. As demand for these goods grows, so does the demand for precious metals.

Strength of the dollar

Given that the precious metals are dollar-denominated, they are particularly susceptible to the value of the greenback.

When the dollar falls, precious metals are both a good place to store its value and less costly for other countries to purchase – meaning it is likely to push the price of precious metals higher.

Interest rates

Precious metals offer a desirable alternative for fixed-income investors, whose investments offer a lower yield when rates are slashed.

As such, Fed decision-making may guide investors towards these safe-haven opportunities, but the Fed’s impact on precious metals shouldn’t be overstated. Of more importance is how rate announcements affect the dollar.

Quantitative easing

Precious metals generally perform better in a rising-inflation environment.

This is because quantitative easing, or money-printing, dilutes the value of the currency in circulation, and makes it more expensive to buy assets which are viewed as a reliable store of value. 

Benefits of precious metals


  • Gain exposure to the full value of your position with only a small deposit, via leverage

  • Speculate on short and medium-term price moves

  • Take a position on a fall in value as well as a rise

  • Trade over the counter (CFDs)


Why are precious metals valuable?

Of the precious metals we offer, some are more valuable than each other – gold over silver, for example. But they all share a few common traits:

  • They aren’t abundant in supply
  • They aren’t reactive, so won’t rust over time
  • They are homogeneous, meaning one ounce is directly equitable to another

In short, precious metals have always been, geologically speaking, the perfect method of currency. Almost as importantly, they have a long history as a method of wealth exchange and storage. This means precious metals carry with them an intrinsic reputation. Like any currency, their value, then, comes from a consensus belief in that very value. 

Why trade precious metal CFDs?

By trading CFDs on precious metals, you’ll be able to:

  • Trade on leverage, giving you significant exposure with only a small deposit
  • Take a position on short-term price moves
  • Go both short and long

Which precious metal should I trade?

At IG, we offer gold, silver, platinum and palladium, and which of these you choose to trade is up to you.

If you’re new to the world of precious metals, you may choose to start with gold, as it is likely the one you will be most familiar with. As long as you do your research and put in place measures to control your risk, you should feel confident in taking short and long-term positions on any of our metals.  

Which other markets affect precious metals?

Uncertainty in any financial market may push investors towards the security of precious metals. But as precious metals are denominated in the US dollar, the strength of the currency is a key to how they perform. This is generally an inverse relationship, in which a more valuable dollar has a negative impact on the value of the metals, and vice versa. 

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