Volume-based rebates

Get cash rebates for trading with IG International. If you're an active trader, you could be eligible for monthly cash rebates based on your trading activity.

How do I qualify?

To qualify, you will need to have traded the minimum monthly volume in one asset class within a calendar month. If your trading volume qualifies you for a rebate threshold in one asset class, you will also qualify for a rebate in another asset class at the same rebate threshold even if you didn't meet the notional trade volume in that other asset class. See below examples for more details.

FX rebates

Rebate Thresholds
(Millions of USD Notional Traded)

IG rebate

Threshold 1 25 $5
Threshold 2 200 $7
Threshold 3 300 $10

Indices rebates

Rebate Thresholds
(Millions of US Notional Traded)

IG rebate

Threshold 1 40 $2
Threshold 2 100 $5
Threshold 3 200 $7

Commodities rebates

Rebate Thresholds
(Million of US Notional Traded)

IG rebate

Threshold 1 5 $5
Threshold 2 20 $7
Threshold 3 30 $9

Shares rebate

Rebate Thresholds
(Million of US Notional Traded)
IG Rebate
Threshold 1 1.5 5%
Threshold 2 6 10%
Threshold 3 10 20%

See our full terms and conditions.

What's involved?

When you trade the minimum notional amount (USD million) of volume required monthly, you’ll be rewarded with a cash rebate in your base currency for each notional million traded (and % of commission on share CFDs). 

Rebates are credited on or around the 10th of the following calendar month.

How it works

Example A

If your notional trade value for the month on FX is US$300 million, you would qualify for a threshold 3 rebate of US$10 per million traded, which means your monthly rebate would be:

300 (USD million notional traded) x 10 (threshold 3 rebate per million traded) = US$30002

Example B

If during the same month your notional trade value for indices is US$35 million, you would also qualify for tier 3 rebate of US$7 per million traded. This is simply because you have met threshold 3 in FX, even though you have not met the same threshold value in indices. In addition to your FX rebate, the calculation for your indices rebate would now be:

35 (USD million notional traded) x 7 (threshold 3 rebate per million traded) = US$ 2452

This would make your total rebate for the calendar month to be: US$3000+ US$245= US$32452

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1Best Trading Platform, Online Personal Wealth Awards, 2017. Best Multi Platform Provider, ADVFN International Financial Awards, 2017.

2Total value is calculated based on the end-of-day FX rate on the rebate calculation date. All rebate amounts are calculated in US Dollar terms and paid in the account currency.

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