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Swiss Market News

Get the latest news and analysis on the Swiss financial markets by our team of experts.

Latest articles on Forex, SMI, Commodities and Swiss Shares


Article Market Analyst Date
Buy AMD in anticipation of the next gen game consoles Ps5 and Xbox X Andreas Ruhlmann 10.07.2020
Fastest correction in history, what to do now? Andreas Ruhlmann 28.02.2020
EUR/CHF: approaching an attractive buying level Andreas Ruhlmann 23.01.2020


Article Market analyst Date
Q2 earnings vs trade tensions Andreas Ruhlmann


SP500 - Focus on US inflation Andreas Ruhlmann 09.05.2018
US still fragile, Europe solid Andreas Ruhlmann 03.05.2018
EUR/USD to 1.17? Andreas Ruhlmann 02.05.2018
DAX, Nasdaq 100 - approaching key resistance Andreas Ruhlmann 18.04.2018
A technical perspective on Nasdaq 100 and SP500 Andreas Ruhlmann 11.04.2018
Focus on US inflation Andreas Ruhlmann 11.04.2018
Trade tensions ease, ahead of earnings season Andreas Ruhlmann 11.04.2018
A move driven by negative sentiment Andreas Ruhlmann


Correction or ‘bear market’? Andreas Ruhlmann 27.02.2018
Morning note - risk aversion Andreas Ruhlmann 02.03.2018


Article Market analyst Date
DAX continues its decline on the charts Christos Maloussis 23.08.2017
Hopes now rest on the central bank symposium Christos Maloussis 22.08.2017
Strong resistance drives gold lower again Christos Maloussis 22.08.2017
Trump is rapidly losing control of his presidency Christos Maloussis 21.08.2017
Gold – will the breakout succeed? Christos Maloussis 08.08.2017
The DAX awaits ECB’s move Christos Maloussis 19.07.2017
What trend for the EUR/CHF? Andreas Ruhlmann 06.07.2017
Renewed optimism in Switzerland Andreas Ruhlmann 08.06.2017
Macron — A (last) chance for Europe Christos Maloussis 08.05.2017
Take Trump's tax plans with a grain of salt Christos Maloussis 03.05
ECB gives no signs of normalisation Christos Maloussis 03.05
France: Back on track after first-round voting Christos Maloussis 24.04.2017
France heads to the polls Christos Maloussis 21.04.2017
Trump loses his shine Christos Maloussis 27.03.2017
COT report: oil producers increase protection Christos Maloussis 27.02.2017
FOMC meeting on March 15th Andreas Ruhlmann 27.02.2017
Gold in no-man‘s land Christos Maloussis 21.02.2017
Financial outlook 2017: equities Andreas Ruhlmann 03.01.2017
Financial outlook 2017: gold and oil Andreas Ruhlmann 03.01.2017


Article Market analyst Date
DAX Year in Review Christos Maloussis 30.12.2016
2017 will be another challenging year for the SNB Christos Maloussis 30.12.2016
SNB policy unchanged but may have to relax the pace of intervention Andreas Ruhlmann 15.12.2016
Fed sets strong tightening ambitions for 2017 Andreas Ruhlmann 15.12.2016
A strong determination from OPEC Andreas Ruhlmann 01.12.2016
Will gold continue on a downward trend? Christos Maloussis 28.11.2016
Trump and the anti-globalisation trend has two-faced impact on the markets Andreas Ruhlmann 14.11.2016
US elections - Timeline and what to watch for Christos Maloussis 08.11.2016
Will the US dollar resume its uptrend in 2017 after two years of sideways trading? Andreas Ruhlmann 21.10.2016
GBPUSD – flash crash Christos Maloussis 07.10.2016
GBPUSD slid to a new 30-year low Christos Maloussis 04.10.2016
OPEC reaches agreement – US producers pleased Christos Maloussis 30.09.2016
Who has a say on Brexit process? Christos Maloussis 26.09.2016
Swiss interest rate probably reached a low point Andreas Ruhlmann 15.09.2016
ECB surprises the market by not extending QE Christos Maloussis 08.09.2016
The Swiss economy leaves the franc shock behind Christos Maloussis 06.09.2016
The S&P 500 is singing the Yellen Blues – focus on NFP Christos Maloussis 31.08.2016
Crude oil – fracking caps the price potential Christos Maloussis 25.08.2016
Nestlé stock is not cheap, but investors are more concerned about yield than valuation Andreas Ruhlmann 18.08.2016
Geberit deliveres strong financial results Christos Maloussis 16.08.2016
Chinas growth is slowing down – Asian markets unaffected Christos Maloussis 12.08.2016
Adecco narrowly meets its quarterly targets Christos Maloussis 10.08.2016
LafargeHolcim surprises the market with its financial results Christos Maloussis 05.08.2016
Brexit, EUR/CHF, what to do now? Andreas Ruhlmann 27.06.2016
Brexit: what consequences for Switzerland Andreas Ruhlmann 24.06.2016
Jittery markets ahead of Brexit are sending the Franc higher Andreas Ruhlmann 13.06.2016
Positive KOF, Markets fully risk-on, but for how long? Andreas Ruhlmann 30.05.2016
GBP/USD - Sell opportunity Andreas Ruhlmann 09.05.2016
Results of UBS : a business model more vulnerable to market volatility? Andreas Ruhlmann 03.05.2016
AUDUSD - still Bullish? Andreas Ruhlmann 27.04.2016
Precious Metals and Equities moving alongside Andreas Ruhlmann 20.04.2016
USDJPY, DAX, STOXX50, US earnings... Andreas Ruhlmann 07.04.2016
Gold is a Win/Win Andreas Ruhlmann 30.03.2016
US Dollar is guiding the market Andreas Ruhlmann 21.03.2016
GBP/CHF: Between Brexit and Franc strength Christos Maloussis 18.03.2016
Equity markets at key inflection points before ECB tomorrow Andreas Ruhlmann 09.03.2016
The Swiss economy shows signs of improvements after a very difficult 2015 Andreas Ruhlmann 08.03.2016
Swiss GDP beat estimates on improving exports Andreas Ruhlmann 02.03.2016
The focus to soon shift on ECB, March 10 Andreas Ruhlmann 26.02.2016
What to expect next week Andreas Ruhlmann 19.02.2016
Switzerland suffers the lowest inflation rate among developed countries Andreas Ruhlmann 12.02.2016
Equity Markets are getting a break, but for how much longer ? Andreas Ruhlmann 10.02.2016
EURCHF - new high since the floor rate was dropped Andreas Ruhlmann 27.01.2016
Can central banks turn the markets around again? Andreas Ruhlmann 25.01.2016
What will be important in 2016 Christos Maloussis 15.01.2016
Crude Oil Spread: Brent vs. WTI Christos Maloussis 07.01.2016


Article Market analyst Date
Look for a year-end rally after the Fed Andreas Ruhlmann 16.12.2015
After the ECB, it’s the SNB’s turn to disappoints Andreas Ruhlmann 11.12.2015
Draghi did not come up with the awaited surprise Andreas Ruhlmann 03.12.2015
Soybeans – Argentina's effect on the Agribusiness Christos Maloussis 27.11.2015
Swiss Life at new highs in 7 years Andreas Ruhlmann 25.11.2015
Copper – The Downtrend continues Christos Maloussis 20.11.2015
Crude Oil under pressure Christos Maloussis 13.11.2015
Volatility to Pick Up Towards Year End Andreas Ruhlmann 12.11.2015
The Lost Inflation Christos Maloussis 06.11.2015
What are UBS results hiding? Andreas Ruhlmann 03.11.2015
How is the SNB going to react? Christos Maloussis 30.10.2015
Tech stocks are on fire Andreas Ruhlmann 28.10.2015
Roche convinces Christos Maloussis 22.10.2015
Nestlé fails again on the "Nestlé Model" Christos Maloussis 16.10.2015
Is the US dollar pain over yet? Andreas Ruhlmann 14.10.2015
The SMI and the Big Three Christos Maloussis 14.10.2015


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