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Why trade shares with IG Bank?

  • Trade on desktop and mobile

    Enjoy seamless trading with our browser-based platform and mobile and tablet apps

  • Access over 8000 markets

    Low margins and competitive commission on a wide range of popular, global stocks

  • Trade shares on margin

    Gain full exposure with a small initial deposit when you trade CFDs, but remember with leverage comes increased risk

  • Commission from 0.1%

    Commission just 0.1% on Swiss share CFDs, with an online minimum of CHF10

  • Direct market access (DMA)

    More control, functionality and liquidity, plus see market depth and interact with order books

  • Competitive prices

    We source our prices from multiple venues to make sure we give you the best price we can


At IG Bank we keep our charges low and transparent

  • Commission just 0.1% on Swiss share CFDs, with an online minimum of CHF10
  • Margin from just 5%
  • Low premium for guaranteed stops


Commission per side

2 cents per share


There is also a competitive daily funding charge for positions held open overnight - see the details.

* With a minimum of 10 CHF on Swiss share CFDs.


Share CFD product details                  Shares market insight

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Buying UBS: detailed

Underlying market/value UBS AG 16.83/16.86
Our price UBS

Buy at 16.8600

Trade size 1000 shares
Margin required

CHF 1686 
Number of shares x price x margin rate (10%)

What happens next? By 4.35 (London time) the market has risen to CHF18.81: this is the price our funding is calculated at. 

Overnight funding charge: CHF 1.56
(One-month Libor + 2.5%) x number of shares x price)/360
(2.99% x 1000 x 18.8100)/360

Underlying market

UBS rises steadily the next day and we quote 18.8800/18.8900


Sell at 18.8800

Gross profit

CHF 2020
18.8800 - 16.8600 = CHF 2.02
CHF 2.02 x 1000 shares = CHF 2020


Commission CHF35.74
Value of position x 0.10% (Minimum CHF10)
(1000 x 16.86) x 0.10% = CHF16.86
(1000 x 18.88) x 0.10% = CHF 18.88
Funding: CHF 1.56 

Net profit

CHF 1982.70 subject to tax

What if...

the market fell and you sold at 15.44 instead

15.44-16.86 = -CHF 1.42

(-CHF 1.42 x 1000 shares + CHF1.56 + CHF 32.30)
Net loss = CHF 1453.86


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What is share trading?

Shares are one of the most popular and well-known financial instruments. When you buy a share, you’re buying a small part - or ‘unit of ownership’ - in a company. So if you’re considering trading shares, it’s extremely important to research both the company and the industry that it’s in.

An added benefit of trading shares is receiving dividends. They represent your share of the company’s profits and are usually paid out twice a year. The amount you receive depends on how much the management distributes to shareholders, and how much it reinvests back into the business.

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1 The world's largest retail CFD provider based on revenue excluding FX (published financial statements, October 2016).

2 Euro includes: Austria, Belgium, Eire, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain

Funding lightbox

How is funding on shares calculated?

Size for CFDs means number of shares.

Closing price means underlying market price at 11 pm (CET) for UK, Swiss, and European shares and 2 am (CET) for US and Canadian shares.

If your trade is in CHF

Size × closing price × LIBOR +/- 2.5% ÷ 360

Based on LIBOR one month overnight rate

If your trade is in USD

Size × closing price × US LIBOR +/–2.5% ÷ 360   

If your trade is in EUR

Size × closing price × EURIBOR +/–2.5% ÷ 360   

The formula uses a 365-day divisor for UK, Singapore and South African shares, and a 360-day divisor for shares in other markets.


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