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Weekend trading


Opportunity doesn’t take weekends off – that’s why we offer weekend trading on our most popular indices

Why trade on a weekend with IG Bank?

  • More opportunity to trade

    Speculate and trade on weekend events with our out-of-hours markets

  • Reduce your risk and margin

    Offset traditional weekday positions if news breaks over the weekend

  • Weekday positions unaffected*

    Your weekday positions on FTSE, Wall Street and Germany 30 will not be affected

  • Fully regulated and trusted provider

    We’re FINMA regulated and part of a FTSE 250 company with 40 years’ trading experience

What markets can I trade on a weekend?

Weekend indices

FTSEGermany 30 and Wall Street markets are available for weekend trading from 9 am on Saturday to 11.40 pm CET on Sunday.

  • Any position still open at 11.40 pm will automatically roll into our existing weekday contracts for no charge. Please note the weekday contracts will open for trading at their normal time1
  • Offset traditional weekday positions, reducing your risk and margin if news breaks over the weekend

Automatic rollovers

CFD product details


Enjoy secure, flexible bitcoin trading from 9 am CET on Saturday through to 11 pm CET on Friday.2

If you have a position open on one of our bitcoin markets it will be affected by weekend trading.

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* If you have a traditional weekday position on the FTSE, Germany 30 or Wall Street when IG closes on Friday night the valuations of these positions will not change during weekend trading. Stops and limits on these weekday positions will not be processed during weekend trading and orders to open positions, and trailing stops will not be accepted.

FTSE, Germany 30 and all IG's out-of-hours indices will open 2 minutes later than normal, at 00.02am CET

2 Any bitcoin positions you hold will be affected by weekend trading. This additional trading period on weekend means not only do you have longer to speculate on the price of bitcoin, but also any stops and limits you have to open can be filled on Sundays.

3 The world's largest retail CFD provider based on revenue excluding FX (published financial statements, October 2016).

4 Please note that weekend positions with attached stops/limits will not be netted off against existing weekday contracts. In this instance the weekend position will roll into a new weekday position, with the same stops/limits attached to this. Similarly, weekend positions will not net off against existing weekday contracts if the weekday contracts have stops/limits attached. In this instance, weekend positions will be rolled into new weekday contracts.

Automatic rollovers

Let's say you have a position on Wall Street still open at 11.40 pm CET on a Sunday. It will automatically be rolled into our existing weekday contracts when they open as normal on Sunday night at no charge.

Your weekday positions will NOT be affected by our offering of weekend indices unless you hold an existing weekend contract at 11.40 pm, in which case this position will net off against any weekday contract held in the opposite direction4.

Bitcoin markets

Our current bitcoin contracts are now available on weekends, therefore any stops and limits you hold will be affected by our extended trading hours. This extra trading period means that you have longer to specualte on the price of bitcoin, and also that any stops or limits you have to open or close positions can be filled on Sundays.

So, on Friday if you have a position open on one of our bitcoin markets it will be affected by weekend trading.

Offset traditional weekday positions

Say you are long £5 on our weekday FTSE when the underlying market closes on Friday, but rumours emerge on Saturday that the Prime Minister is going to resign.

If the rumours are confirmed you believe the FTSE will fall, so want to reduce your exposure.

On Sunday morning, we quote a Sunday FTSE price of 6700. Rather than wait for the weekday market to open, you decide to sell £5 of our weekend FTSE at 6700.

In this scenario your £5 long position on the weekday FTSE is now offset by your £5 short position on the weekend FTSE.

A few hours later the Prime Minister announces their resignation, and our weekday FTSE market reopens on Sunday night at the lower price of 6600.

However, as you hedged your long weekday FTSE position at 6700 by trading on the weekend, you’re protected against the losses involved with closing at the weekday market opening price of 6600.  

Any weekend positions must be held until 10.40pm (London time) on Sunday to rollover into a standard weekday contract, and thus net off against your existing weekday contract.

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