Stellenbosch in-person seminar


Thursday 19 April, 18:30  (1.5 hours)


This free seminar will be at Protea Hotel Techno Park


This seminar will hosted by our market experts

Learn to trade with technology

While in the past it was only the institutional traders that had access to the best trading technology for financial markets, the modern era sees independent retail traders now afforded state of the art electronic access. 

In this seminar IG’s Senior Market Analyst, @ShaunMurison_IG will take you through practical applications of how to use technology to assist you with your trading. From strategy testing to risk management applications, you will learn how to implement the wealth of tech tools at your disposal to help improve your trading journey.

What to expect

  • Learn how to create price, economic and indicator alerts through email, platform and push notification
  • Learn how to search for trading opportunities with scanning tools
  • Simplified strategy testing without being a programmer
  • Generating buy and sell ideas with IG’s “Signal” tool
  • Managing risk – Stop loss, Slippage, Guaranteed Stops and Trailing Stops applications.

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