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With expertise built over 40 years, we’re here to help enhance your skills at every stage of your trading journey.

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Learn to trade

Take advantage of our educational courses to get started with the markets, become an expert at using our platforms or take your trading to the next level. 

Develop your skills at your own pace, with a wide range of videos and written guides for every level of trader.

Trading seminars

Topic: Learn to trade with technical analysis

In this seminar, we look at the world of opportunity in trading international markets and breakdown the basics of index trading; from what all the jargon means, to placing the trade, managing risk as well as looking at some of the trading resources and strategy to assist you in your global index trading decisions.

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Beginners' guides

Learn the basics

Understand pricing and funding, margins, how it works and see examples.

CFD trading


A good strategy is key to becoming a good trader. Use our guides to help formulate your goals and avoid mistakes.

Managing risk

Developing a trading plan

Common mistakes

Trading concepts

How should I be trading? What is leverage? What does ‘short-selling’ mean? Learn some fundamental trading concepts.


Short selling

Orders, stops and limits

Understand your markets

Discover more about the details of major asset classes – including ways to invest, dividends explained and more.






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We’re here to help. New clients get a personalised walk-through of our platform and are shown how to place their first trade, plus reduced deal and contract sizes for an introductory period.

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Analysing the markets

Good research is your most valuable tool. Read more about ways to analyse trends and begin technical analysis.

Technical analysis

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