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Receive up to R7000 by inviting your friends to open a CFD trading account with us.

Your choice of rewards

Earn one credit for every friend that opens an account and successfully places five trades within six months of your invitation.

Exchange your credits for a quick cash bonus, or save towards a greater reward:

We’ll pay your reward straight into your account. As soon as your friend qualifies, we’ll also add R1000 to their trading balance.

Please read the terms and conditions before you apply.

Refer a friend by completing the form below:

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How it works

  1. Invite your friend to set up an account by filling in the form above
  2. When your friend qualifies, you’ll receive a credit by email.
  3. You can exchange credits by emailing, stating the number o credits you wish to exchange and their value (e.g. '1 credit -R1000), as well as your username and account number

Please allow 10 working days for the reward to be posted to your account. If you haven’t received it after this time, please contact us again. 

Managing your referrals

To find out your credit balance or referral history, please email with your request, username and account number. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


How do I claim a referral reward?

You can claim from our range of rewards in exchange for the credits you’ve earned. Each friend you refer earns you one credit. You can find out your credit balance and pick from our range of rewards at any time – just email with the number of credits you wish to exchange and their value (e.g. ‘1 credit - £50’), including your username and account number.

I am a referred client, how do I claim the R1000 referee reward?

If you meet all the terms and conditions and qualify successfully, the R1000 will automatically be added to your IG account. Once you’ve completed your fifth trade you will receive a confirmation email. Please contact our rewards team at if you haven’t received the money into your account within 5-10 working days from the date of the confirmation email.

What do I need to do to earn a reward credit?

Simply refer a friend using the online form, and we'll do the rest. You will receive your credit as long as your friend places five qualifying trades within six months of being referred.

A qualifying trade can be a CFD with a minimum size of one mini contract or equivalent. Your credit will be added to your account automatically when the fifth trade is placed, and you'll receive a notification via email.

What rewards are available?

You can see all our reward choices at the top of this page. The more credits you have, the greater the rewards you can claim. It’s up to you whether you spend your credits straight away or save them up for later.

How long until the money gets credited to my account?

As soon as we’ve verified all the details, it can take up to 10 working days for the money to appear in your account. If your reward does not arrive within this time, please contact our rewards team at

How can I find out how many credits I've earned?

We’ll let you know by email when you earn a credit, and we’ll include your running total too. If you want to find out your credit balance, simply email with your request, username and account number. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.  

How many referrals can I make?

You can make up to five qualifying referrals, and you’ll receive one credit for each referred friend who places five opening CFD trades within six months of being referred. The more credits you have, the greater rewards you can claim.

Please note that you cannot refer the same person to us more than once, or refer somebody who already holds an account with us.

How many credits do I need before I can claim a reward?

Rewards are available for just one credit. However, if you refer more friends you can earn more credits and claim higher-value gifts. You can save up your credits to redeem at a later date, or claim your reward immediately if you prefer.

Is there a time limit to redeem the credits I've earned?

There is no time limit or expiry for referral credits, so you can save them towards higher-value gifts with no fear of losing the credits you’ve already earned.

Will I be notified if my friend starts trading?

We'll send you a confirmation email when you have earned a credit, which you can use to claim your reward. However, in the interests of client privacy we will not reveal any information about your friend’s trading activity or account ownership.

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