Client strategy workshop


Date: Saturday 18 November
Time: 09:00 - 12:00
Duration: 3 hours
Location: The JSE

Who is it for

This free seminar is available excluisvely for IG clients. 

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This seminar will be hosted by Garth Mackenzie, founder of, and Simon Brown, a well-known and trusted market educator.

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Garth Mackenzie

Garth Mackenzie is the founder of and the Traders Corner TV show that broadcasts on BusinessDay TV each week. TradersCorner provides assistance and education to DIY traders and lives by the vision of Promoting Proper Trading Principles.

Simon Brown

Simon Brown is a well-known and trusted market educator, trader and investor. He shares his views in the media, writes a weekly column for Finweek and is a co-host of The Week That Was on BusinessDay TV.

What to expect

Garth Mackenzie's trading toolbox

Garth Mackenzie takes IG clients through some of his favourite high probability trading principles to help trade financial markets with more confidence. Garth's personalised trading strategies will not only include entry and exit signals but will also include his preferred position sizing and risk management techniques as well.

Simon’s Primary FX & Index trading strategy 

Not everybody sits in front of their trading screen all day, every day. This trading system uses either the four-hour or daily charts on major FX pairs and Indices. The system can be used as a primary trading strategy which can be complemented with other shorter systems such as the scalpers wild minute. Using a pair of simple moving averages the system gives regular entries for both short and long trades and profitable trades can run for days or even weeks (time frame dependent).

Simon’s Scalpers wild minute 

This FX trading strategy is designed for trading significant news events such as Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP). The average trade typically last just a few minutes, maybe five at most. Ignoring the actual data and watching only a one minute chart this system requires quick fingers and total discipline but adds a great trading strategy to a trader’s arsenal.

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