The psychology of trading

Master your mind. Master the markets.

Thank you for joining trading expert Ron William in Geneva and Zurich as he explored the emotions that can help or hinder our strategies – and how to master them for success.

You can now watch the video recording of the first session "Knowledge and awareness".

Who is this seminar series for?

These free seminars are aimed at traders with some experience of trading, as they will cover some more advanced concepts, as well as a discussion of trading psychology.

What to expect

This series of two seminars is conducted in English by Ron William, Chartered Financial Technician (CFTe) & Neuro Linguistic Practioner (NLP).

The first session is dedicated to the key principles of trading psychology, whereas the second session is a practical approach to utilise psychology in your trading strategies.

The programme

Seminar 1: Knowledge and awareness

  • Principles of trading psychology and behavioural technical analysis: why this is a real edge
  • Understand your trading personality type, raise awareness and transform
  • Strategies to accelerate and maintain your ‘peak performance’
  • Coherence: the rewards of balancing our ‘mind-body-emotion’ connection
  • Mind: key psychological traps and winning (practical) mental strategies
  • Body: enhance your nutrition, exercise and recovery for optimal health
  • Emotion: learn how to be ‘in the zone’ during winners and losers

Seminar 2: Your path to success and transformation

  • Goal-mapping, based on a unique neuro-association technique, to achieving your targets
  • Mindfulness techniques for optimising your decision making and reducing stress
  • Performance measures, driven by evidence-based performance enhancements
  • Applied market trading setups, using the lessons experienced on day one
  • Market and life wizards: key lessons from the world’s top professionals, traders and investors

Live webinar - Your trading psychology questions answered

During our trading psychology seminar series, attendees asked several great questions that Ron didn’t have enough time to answer. Fortunately, he was kind enough to provide a live webinar to focus on all questions asked during the seminars and afterwards.

Webinar schedule

  • Summarizing the seminar series
  • Additional training topics on trading psychology
  • Q&A session

Psychology of trading - interview with Ron William

Ron William is a Chartered Financial Technician (CFTe) & Neuro Linguistic Practioner (NLP) with more than 20 years experience in financial markets. He has worked with leading economic research and institutional firms, producing macro research and trading strategies for a range of professional clients including investment banks, money managers and hedge funds. Ron also serves as a wealth mindset & transformational coach at Intensichi, using latest techniques in peak-performance, neuroscience and mindfulness.