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Woolworths Holdings Ltd

8 April 2015 

There is a potential head and shoulders (labelled L, H & R) pattern forming on Woolies, of which the right shoulder is still in formation. Important indicator to watch is volume as it should advance during left shoulder formation and decrease during the advance of the head. This decrease in volume and the new high of the head, together, serve as a warning sign.

Another alternative pattern is a breakout of a decreasing parallel lines with the breakout towards the upside occurring last week. My concern is the lack of volume increase during the breakout, which should serve as conviction for the directional change. However, overall bias to the long side prevails but traders should pay close attention to long-term support line, which goes back to the beginning of October 2014 as well as the neckline support.  

We saw lacklustre trading day on Thursday ahead of the long weekend with the market struggling to find direction. Asian stocks are trading higher this morning lead by the Shanghai Composite & Nikkei up 1.98% 1.15% respectively. Markets trading firmer following comments from the New York Fed president which indicated that interest rates would remain flat for a longer period.

Sasol Ltd, 08/04/2015

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