How to fund your trading accounts

Open a CFD account and get access to local and international markets

Follow this straightforward process to fund your domestic and international accounts separately. 

Domestic account

You can fund your account in two ways, with your credit/debit card or via electronic transfer.

Card payments

Debit card

Execution time: Instant deposit, via My Account within the trading platform.

Cost: Free for Visa and MasterCard.

Credit card

Execution time: Instant deposit, via My Account within the trading platform.

Cost: 2.1% transaction fee charge for Visa and MasterCard.

Electronic funds transfers

When depositing funds via a bank transfer, please quote your IG account number or IG username as a reference to ensure that we can process your request quickly.

You can find our banking details on the trading platform. Click on My Account>Payments>How to pay us.

Please take note of the following when transferring funds:

  • We do not accept cash, third party or cheque deposits
  • Should you wish to change your bank details, please provide proof of the new banking details in a form of a bank statement that clearly shows your full name and account number.
  • A bank statement showing your initial deposit and bank account details will be required for all first-time withdrawals

  • Deposits may only be made once your account has been opened. IG cannot accept funds from a prospective client prior to the completion of the client identification and verification requirements in terms of section 21 of the FIC Act and the applicable Regulations.



When on margin call, you need to fund your account as described above. We encourage you to notify us of the payment by using the 'Send Proof of Payment' facility in the 'My Account' section on the trading platform. This can be found under My Account > Payments > Send Proof of Payment

Should you have any queries, you please contact our client services team on 010 344 0053.

International account

Your international trading account will need to be funded in foreign currency. 

Important to note: 

South African residents over the age of 18 are allowed to annually transfer funds offshore within the following two thresholds:

  1. Full single discretionary allowance - R1 million per year
  2. Foreign investment allowance - R10 million per year

How to fund your international account

Your international account will need to be funded in foreign currency.


Bank: Lloyds TSB Bank Plc

39 Threadneedle street



Account name: IG Markets Limited Client Account

Sort code: 30-00-09

BIC/Swift: LOYDGB21013


Payments in sterling/GBP

Account number: 02360254
IBAN: GB98 LOYD 3000 0902 3602 54

Payments in US dollars

Account number: 11368109
IBAN: GB90 LOYD 3000 0911 3681 09

Payments in Euros

Account number: 86072139
IBAN: GB65 LOYD 3000 0986 0721 39



Please email or fax us your proof of deposit to ensure that we process your deposit as quickly as possible.

Why two accounts?

We open two separate trading accounts for you when you apply, a domestic account held with IG South Africa and an international account held with IG UK.  This means that you can trade local instruments (in local currency) as well as over 15,000 international markets (in a range of foreign currencies) with the security, technology and support of the FTSE-250 listed, IG Group.

We do this in order to adhere to South African exchange control regulations that only allow local instruments to be traded on a domestic account. 

If you would like more information regarding your accounts, please contact us on 010 344 0053 or email

South African residents are required to obtain the necessary tax clearance certificates in line with their foreign investment allowance and may not use credit or debit cards to fund their international account.

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It's free to open an account, takes less than five minutes, and there's no obligation to fund or trade.

* We cannot accept cash payments, commercial credit cards, or business credit cards. Credit cards and debit card payments can only be used for personal and joint accounts.

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