Philippe Béchade

Founding member of Les Econoclastes and Editor-in-Chief of the Chronique Agora/La Bourse au Quotidien

Philippe Béchade is a founding member of Les Econoclastes in June 2014.

He has also been working as Editor-in-Chief for La Chronique Agora/La Bourse au Quotidien since 2002, and for the Lettre Pittbull since December 2013.

Philippe is a permanent correspondent for BFM since 1995 (and a frequent speaker on French and international media for 'on-the-fly' analysis of macroeconomic news) and he was a co-founder of Cercle-Finance in November 2003.

Philippe has a 7 years’ experience with various financial intermediaries based in Paris (1985/1992).

Follow Philippe Béchade on Twitter :  @pittbull_grrr