Past trading

January 2019

Where to invest in 2019

22-24 January 2019 | IG Bank Geneva, IG Bank Zurich

Free seminars in collaboration with DailyFX analysts Valentin Aufrand and Salah-Eddine Bouhmidi.

November - December 2018

The psychology of trading

Master your mind. Master the markets.

Thank you for joining trading expert Ron William in Geneva and Zurich as he explored the emotions that can help or hinder our strategies – and how to master them for success.

November 2018

S.A.I.F.A. lunch conference

23 November 2018 | Hotel Metropole, Geneva

Our Market Analyst Andreas Ruhlmann was guest speaker at a lunch conference held by The Swiss Association of Independent Financial Advisors (S.A.I.F.A.), a group of economic interests formed by specialized independent financial intermediaries who are confirmed professionals in the financial services industry. During his presentation, Andreas focused on the question “The end of the bullish market?” presenting views on the current situation and predictions of what to expect for 2019.

April - November 2018

Technical analysis seminars in cooperation with SAMT

11. April - 23. November 2018 | IG Bank Zurich & Geneva

Over the last eight months, IG Bank has hold a seminar series on technical analysis in cooperation with the Swiss Association of Market Technicians (SAMT). The seminars were run jointly by independent market analysts Patrick Pfister, Rolf Bertschi and Bruno Estier, and the topics they covered included: candlestick patterns, Ichimoku Charts, Elliot Wave Theory and Fibonacci, oscillators, Bollinger bands and others.

November 2018

Lantern Fund Forum

19 November 2018 | Palazzo dei Congressi, Lugano

The eighth edition of one of the most important event focused on Asset Management, Investment Tools (covered warrants, certificates, ETF, structured bonds, unit linked …) and Fundamental Analysis, organized in Switzerland and Northern Italy, at which IG Bank was present with an interactive stand, a speaking slot by our Market Analyst Andreas Ruhlmann focusing on the question "The End of the Bull Market?" and a ProRealTime seminar on the following day.

October 2018

Hedge Fund Emerging & Startup Manager Forum

17 October 2018 | The Dolder Grand Hotel, Zurich

Also this time, IG Bank sponsored the prestigious event for hedge fund managers and investors. Our guests had the opportunity to talk with experts from the financial industry at the roundtable discussions and discover the new IG trading platform at our stand.

January/February 2018


31 January - 1 February | Zurich

The most important financial fair in Switzerland, taking place every year in Zurich. From 2018 the event is intended only for finance professionals. IG Bank had a large stand, with regular seminars held by our experts. Our team was also at visitors’ disposal for private meetings.

May - December 2017

Planet of Finance 3D

The first virtual finance fair! All registered guests had the possibility to choose their avatar and visit the stands.At our stand you could read the brochures, interact with our experts, ask questions, make an appointment and get help with opening an account.

November 2017

Lantern Fund Forum

20-21 November

This important financial fair in the Tessin area is exclusively intended for finance professionals. It hosts every year IG Bank and many other key players on the Swiss financial stage. In collaboration with SAMT, IG Bank holds a seminar on technical analysis.

October 2017

Hedge Fund Emerging and Startup Manager Forum

18 October | Zurich

In the prestigious Dolder Grand hotel in Zurich, IG Bank featured as an exhibitor and sponsor. The special day was dedicated to hedge funds and financial industry professionals.

October 2017

Richemond Finance Summit

5-6 October | Lausanne

A high-level conference for financial professionals. During the event, which took place in the prestigious Beau-Rivage Palace hotel in Lausanne, many new ideas were exchanged – as well as solutions and innovations for a sector which is increasingly guided by technological innovations.

September 2017

Swiss Management Run

15 September

This conference focused on the link between managerial careers and sport, and how sport can contribute significantly to an individual’s success. Corporate participants in the event, sponsored by IG Bank, chose to run either 1, 2, 5 or 10 km. Out of 33 firms in the competition, IG won a very pleasing 3rd place.

May 2017

IG Bank & Andreas Büchler

12 May

A free seminar in German, with the SMI as the main subject. Famous journalist Andreas Büchler presented his latest book, followed by a quick introduction to the IG Bank trading platform by our market analyst Christos Maloussis.

March 2017

The effect of recent events on financial markets

14 March | Lugano

It’s been a very unique start to the current US presidential cycle: this was the subject of a trading seminar organised by IG Bank in collaboration with the Swiss Association of Market Technicians (SAMT) in Lugano.

After the welcome coffee, the conference started with a quick introduction of IG Bank, followed by a technical presentation by SAMT analysts, showing a trading strategy executed on the IG platform.

A networking lunch between the guests and the speakers concluded the event.

February 2017


The most important financial fair in Switzerland, taking place every year in Zurich. IG Bank held a large stand at the event, offering private meetings with our experts, live trading seminars, and a fun competition.

January 2017

IG Bank & Planet of finance

A trading conference for financial professionals, where our market analyst Andreas Ruhlmann talked about portfolio protection during highly volatile times. The conference was particularly useful given the volatility expected in 2017, due to events such as Dutch, French and German elections. Moreover, the new Trump administration taking its first and unpredictable steps was also a factor… not to mention Brexit!

October 2016

Maples Fund Services Alternative Fund Roundtable 

18 October

A roundtable for finance professionals, and in particular investment fund managers. This brainstorming session focused on the role of investment funds in the contemporary economic environment.

October 2016

Swiss Trading Day

13 October | Geneva

A major event where leading journalists such as Myret Zaki, Olivier Delamarche and Philippe Béchade, confronted market experts to provide the public with a structured overview of the reality in which we live.

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