Alerts definition

IG alerts – also known as trading alerts – allow you to set specific criteria and be notified immediately once that criteria has been met. There are three main types: economic announcements, price alerts and indicator alerts.

Economic alerts deliver macroeconomic figures to you the moment they are released to the market. To activate them, log in to your IG Bank account and visit the Economic Calendar. From there, you can tick which upcoming events you’d like to be alerted about. These alerts are available as mobile push notifications, platform pop-ups or emails.

Price alerts help you stay in touch with the markets by notifying you when a specified buy or sell price is reached. You can be alerted via email, SMS or push notification once set up via our platform.

Technical indicator alerts are similar to price alerts, but allow you to respond to particular technical indicators instead of price movements. They are created via our integrated charts and can comprise of indicators like moving average, Bollinger band, RSI and others.

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