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Trading apps

We’re committed to giving you the best trading app experience, which is why our apps provide a user friendly and secure platform for you to access thousands of markets – including stocks, forex and indices.

Why download our app?

  • Native designs across all major mobile and tablet devices

  • Regularly updated to give you the best trading experience possible

  • Absolutely free to download

  • Trade confidently with secure 256-bit SSL encryption

  • Access exclusive data and analysis on forex, stocks and shares, indices and more

  • View live prices before you log in

Trade using CFDs

Our trading apps enable you to trade CFDs, which provide multiple benefits to traders:

  • Take advantage of leverage
  • Go short as well as long
  • Offset losses against future profits when CFD trading1

Thousands of markets at your fingertips

Our mobile dealing apps give you access to a wide range of markets, such as:


Trade FX markets with our lowest ever spreads, including EUR/USD and AUD/USD from 0.6 points


Open positions on thousands of shares from major indices around the world


Speculate on a variety of stock indices, with 24-hour markets on the FTSE 100, Wall Street, Germany 30 and more


Trade futures, as well as commodities with no expiry points: including Brent Crude and Spot Gold

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Deal through charts

Track market trends and deal direct from free, user-friendly charts. A wide range of technical indicators, including our annotation tool, are available to help you analyse markets.

Set up trading alerts

Create instant buy and sell price alerts for any market, and receive notifications immediately by email, SMS or push notification. Or keep a closer eye on the markets you’re interested in with personalised watchlists.

Full dealing functionality

All the features you need to trade are available on our apps: so you can manage and monitor all your open positions, open and close new trades or manage your risk.

1 Tax laws are subject to change and depend on individual circumstances. Tax law may differ in a jurisdiction other than the UK.

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