Deliveroo IPO

With a possible valuation of up to £4 billion, the Deliveroo IPO is one of the most anticipated listings of 2021. Get all the details here and find out how you could trade the initial public offering.

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Deliveroo IPO

With a possible valuation of up to £4 billion, the Deliveroo IPO is one of the most anticipated listings of 2021. Get all the details here and find out how you could trade the initial public offering.

Call +41 (0) 58 810 77 42 to talk about opening a trading account. We’re here from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.

Contact us: +41 (0) 58 810 77 42

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When could the Deliveroo IPO happen?

Deliveroo has not released an official date for its IPO, but there have been many reports of a listing in the first quarter of 2021.

How to trade the Deliveroo IPO

You can trade the Deliveroo IPO in two ways - before and after the listing.

Before the IPO

IG Bank will be offering a ‘grey market’, enabling you to speculate on Deliveroo's share price before it lists.*

With a grey market, you can:

  • ‘Buy’ if you think the market cap will go up from the grey market price
  • ‘Sell’ if you think the market cap will go down from the grey market price

*The grey market price will be based on our prediction of the Deliveroo market capitalisation at the end of the first trading day.

After the IPO

Another way to trade the Deliveroo IPO is to wait for the company to list, and then speculate on its shares.

With IG Bank, you can choose to trade using derivatives such as CFDs.

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Deliveroo's grey market

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What is Deliveroo’s business model?

Deliveroo is a food delivery app and website developed to help individuals or companies order their favourite meals to their doorstep. Users can look up and order from restaurants on Deliveroo based on their location.

Payment can be made on the platform in under a minute. Once the order is placed, the restaurant is notified, and the user can track the progress of their order. Delivery is made by Deliveroo riders on bicycles, who stay stationed within 2.2 kilometres of the restaurants they sign up for. Deliveroo aims to deliver in under 30 minutes.

How has Deliveroo been performing?

Only two years after launching, Deliveroo was already worth almost £500 million. Sales and profit figures increased rapidly in the following years, but losses continue to rise due to its high cost structure and significant investment in expansion. The most recent figures are £476 million in revenue (2019) and £232 million in losses (2018). Before the coronavirus pandemic hit, it was estimated that Deliveroo would contribute around £4 billion in economic output. However, order numbers started to decrease rapidly following national lockdowns and 15% of its workforce had to be laid off. Deliveroo’s latest valuation of more than £1.6 billion is thanks to the extra funding it has received in recent years, which includes the £459 million boost from Amazon in 2019.

Deliveroo has created more than 60,000 jobs and partnered with more than 80,000 restaurants. Headquartered in London, it services the UK, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, UAE, Kuwait, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia.

Who are Deliveroo’s competitors?

Deliveroo’s competitors are Uber Eats, Just Eat and City Pantry, to name a few. Deliveroo is the third largest food delivery app in the UK, after Just Eat and Uber Eats. Just Eat held its IPO in April 2014 and was valued at £1.47 billion.

One thing that sets Deliveroo apart from its competitors is its delivery-kitchen concept, called Deliveroo Editions. Through comprehensive data gathering, it has identified gaps in the market and created pop-up restaurants in areas where people are not being serviced.

Deliveroo key personnel

There are six key executives on Deliveroo’s management team, as well as eight members on the board of directors.

Deliveroo management team

Will Shu Co-founder and chief executive officer
Adam Miller Chief finance officer
Dan Winn Chief technology officer
Rohan Pradhan Chief operating officer
Grant Smith VP product
Vince Darley VP growth

Deliveroo board of directors

Martin Mignot Board member
Benny Peretz Board member
Adam Valkin Board member
Darrel Cavens Board member
Luciana Lixandru Board member
Fred Destin Board member
Antoine Froger Board member
Claudia Arney Board member

What was Deliveroo last valued at?

Deliveroo was last valued at £1.6 billion (in 2018). Its most recent investment – £459 million from Amazon – may have given the business the momentum it needs to reach its new valuation target of £4 billion.

Who are Deliveroo’s main investors?

Deliveroo’s main investors are Amazon, T Rowe Price, Fidelity Management and Greenoaks Capital. Others include Index Ventures, DST Global and General Catalyst. Deliveroo has 25 investors in total and has received £1.2 billion in funding to date.

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How do IPOs work?

IPOs happen when a company decides to list its shares on an exchange, such as the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and start selling them to the public. IPO is short for ‘initial public offering’.

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Yes, there could be opportunities to profit if you trade Deliveroo before and after the IPO. If IG Bank offers a grey market for the Deliveroo IPO, you can trade before the listing happens.

Following the IPO, you can trade Deliveroo shares using derivatives such as CFDs. With derivatives, you do not own the underlying asset, so you can go long or short. If you go long and the share price rises, you will make a profit. If you go short and the share price drops, you will also make a profit.

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Will Shu and Greg Orlowski set up Deliveroo in 2013 after Shu had spent a few years developing his idea for the service.

Deliveroo makes money by charging both users and participating restaurants. Users are charged a delivery fee of £2.50, while restaurants pay a commission fee of up to 20% when users order from their menu via Deliveroo. The company also generates revenue by charging a fee for offering restaurant perks and promotions on its platform.

Deliveroo might consider an IPO to raise more funds or to improve its reputation among the public. There is no confirmed date for the IPO and many reports state that the focus is on growing the business and reaching new customers, not an IPO specifically.

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