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Orders, execution and leverage

Course overview


In this course we guide you through the process of actually placing a trade, touching on some key trading concepts along the way.

We show you how to choose the right types of orders for your needs, and how to take steps to protect yourself in case the market turns against you.

And we also examine the commonly misunderstood concept of leverage. Find out why, used wisely, it can help your trading – but can also result in large losses if you don’t control your risk.  


52 mins




Short, easy-to-digest lessons
Practical, interactive exercises
Engaging videos and graphics
Interesting facts and tips
Quiz to check your understanding

Example lesson: trailing stops explained

In this course you’ll find exercises, charts and illustrations designed to help you understand trading orders and their execution, along with how leveraged trading works. To give you a flavour of what to expect, here’s an extract explaining trailing stops:

A trailing stop is a special type of stop-loss – it not only caps your losses, but also helps protect any profits you make.