Orders, stops and limits

What is an order?

An order is simply an instruction to open or close a trade.

There are a number of different types of orders that you can place, depending on whether you want to trade immediately or wait for a certain price. The most basic types of orders are explained below.

Market orders

These are orders to buy or sell immediately at the best available market price.

Your market order will be carried out straight away as long as the market is liquid enough, i.e. there are willing buyers and sellers. You would use this type of order if you’re happy to trade at the current market price.

When an order is carried out it becomes a filled order: one that has either closed an existing position or opened a new one.

Entry orders

Entry orders can automatically open a trade for you when the market hits a certain level. You would use this type of order if you’re hoping for a particular price and don’t want to monitor the market constantly.

These are sometimes called orders to open.

Closing orders

These orders automatically close your existing trade when the market hits a certain price.

You can use them to lock in profits if the price moves in your favour, or cap your losses if the price moves against you.

These are sometimes called orders to close.

Order duration

Entry and closing orders remain ‘working’ unless your conditions are met, at which point they will become filled orders. You’ll need to decide if you want your order to remain valid indefinitely, or be cancelled after a certain amount of time.



Good Till Cancelled

Good till cancelled (GTC) orders remain valid until you cancel them yourself or the order is filled. On some exchanges, a GTC order may only be valid for a specified period, so it may be worth checking with your broker.

Good for the Day

Good for the day (GFD) orders remain active until the end of the trading day on which you place the order. Check with your broker to see when your chosen market closes.

Good Till Date/Time

Good till date/time (GTD) orders require you to select a date and time when you want your order to be cancelled if it hasn’t been filled.


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