Taking Stock:
A Guide to Modern Investing

The way we trade stocks has been evolving constantly, keep up with new methods of trading stocks with our free ebook – written in partnership with Bloomberg.

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The evolution of stock exchange trading systems

Why customisation and creating an adaptive strategy via automated trading is necessary

The advantages and risks of using an automated trading system

What can today’s traders expect from markets in the future

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What's inside?

I. The evolution of share trading

  • An introduction to the democratization of stock trading
  • Swing trading, day trading and scalping. Which strategy best describes your trading style?

II. Trend setters

  • Keeping up to date with patterns in the market can give you insights into how global investors are thinking
  • What are some different indicators or factors to look into when identifying trends?

III. Auto trading

  • What is automated trading and why is it important for stock trading
  • The pros and cons of automated trading
  • The difference between Auto trading and Algorithmic trading

IV. The market of the future

  • How will traders deal with this escalating bombardment of information in the future?
  • What can you do to protect your trades during 'flash crash'?

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