All trading involves risk. Losses can exceed deposits.

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Digital 100s

A digital 100 is based on a single question with a yes/no answer, letting you trade on volatility, or the lack thereof.

Key benefits

  • More opportunities to trade

    Can’t predict the market direction? Trade on volatility itself

  • Full range of markets

    Trade global indices, FX pairs, shares and commodities, plus bitcoin and economic events 

  • Variety of digital 100 types

    Choose from One touch, Ladder, Tunnel and Up/Down

  • Trade short-term movements

    Timeframes to suit you – from five minutes to daily, weekly and monthly

  • Limit your risk

    Know your potential profit and loss upfront – learn more about the risks 

  • The provider you can trust

    We’re a fully regulated FTSE 250 company with 40 years’ trading experience

Popular digital 100 markets

Market Types include Timescales from
Indices Ladder, Up/Down, One touch, Target, Tunnel, Hi-Lo
5 min
Forex Ladder, Up/Down, One touch
5 min
Commodities Ladder, One touch
Futures Ladder


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What are digital 100s?

A digital 100 is generally based on a single question with a yes/no answer. 

To place a digital 100 trade select your market and position, choose a timeframe, then decide your stake and maximum risk. If you’re right at the time the digital 100 expires, you win. And if you’re wrong, you lose. 

How digital 100s work

A digital 100 allows you to take a view on whether a specific outcome will or won't occur. For example, 'Will Wall Street be up at the close of the day?'

  • If the answer is 'yes', the digital 100 settles at 100
  • If the answer is 'no', the digital 100 settles at 0

Your profit or loss is the difference between 100 (if the event occurs) or zero (if the event doesn't occur) and the level at which you 'bought' or 'sold'.

Digital 100 prices can be extremely volatile even when the underlying market is relatively static. A small movement in the underlying can make all the difference between the digital 100 settling at 0 or 100.

Live digital 100 prices

Markets Sell Buy Change Updated
FTSE 100
Germany 30
Wall Street
US Light Crude

Prices above are subject to our website terms and conditions. Prices are indicative only.

See an example of a digital 100 trade

Select a market

You're interested in trading a FTSE 100 digital 100 because you think the price is volatile at the moment.

Sell or buy

You believe the FTSE 100 will rise in the very short term, so you select a digital 100 with the condition, ‘FTSE UP at 3.00pm’. You buy £10 per point at the buy price of 75.5, given in points.

Alternatively, you could ‘sell’ £10 per point at the sell price of 72.0.

With digital 100s, prices are calculated by us according to underlying market value, time to expiry, client sentiment and our expectation of future volatility.

Fixed profit / loss

Digital 100s will settle at 100 if the condition is met, or zero if the condition is not met, so you always know your maximum potential profit and loss from the outset.

In this case, your maximum potential profit is (100 – 75.5) x £10 = £245. Your maximum potential loss is (75.5 – 0) x £10 = £755.

Closing your trade

At 3pm the FTSE 100 is trading above its opening price, the condition of your digital 100 is met, and the trade closes at 100.

With a digital 100, you cannot close your position before expiry.

Calculating profit / loss

Profit / loss is calculated based on the difference between your opening and closing prices.

In this case: 100 – 75.5 = 24.5.

You bought £10 per point, so your gross profit is: 24.5 x £10 = £245

What if...

If the FTSE 100 had closed down on the day, the digital 100 would close at zero and your gross loss would be 75.5 x £10 = £755

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Types of digital 100

Our range of digital 100s cater for all types of volatility trading.


Use a ladder when you think a market will move by a certain amount, but you aren’t sure in which direction.

For example: At expiry, will the market be higher or lower than your chosen levels?


Up/Downs are a type of ladder, but you decide whether the market will finish above or below a certain level.

For example: Will the market be higher or lower at expiry?

One touch

One touches pay out if you’re right, even if the market price only stays there for seconds.

For example: Will the market hit a specific level before expiry?


If you think you know both the direction and the level that a market will finish at, try target digital 100s.

For example: At expiry, do you think the market will close within a specified range?


Choose Hi-Lo digital 100s if you have an opinion on how volatile the market will be throughout the day.

For example: Can you predict the range your market’s daily high or low will fall in?


Use a tunnel to buy if you think markets will stay flat, or sell if you expect them to hit one of the chosen levels.  

For example: Will the market remain between two chosen levels until expiry?

What are the risks of digital 100 trading?

Although digital 100s are limited risk, their fast-moving nature means there’s still the potential to make substantial losses as well as gains. Open a free demo account today to practise with virtual funds.

Learn more about CFDs and their potential risks

Digital 100 FAQs

How are IG's digital 100s priced?

Our digital 100 prices are based on the behaviour of an underlying market, but set by our trading desk. Each digital 100 is priced between 0 and 100, according to four factors: 

  • time to expiry
  • the underlying market’s current value
  • our expectation of future volatility
  • client sentiment

This means that if you think you’re a better judge of volatility than us, you have the opportunity to back your judgement.

What special digital 100s can I trade?

We offer digital 100 options on a number of major economic indicators, such as US non-farm payrolls and US initial jobless claims. 

You can also trade politics-based digital 100s around special events, such as the UK General Election.

Can I trade bitcoin as a digital 100?

Yes – bitcoin is available to trade as daily or weekly digital 100s. Find out more about trading bitcoin with IG.