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Fundamental analysis - free online course

Course overview


It’s a question that intrigues every trader: how can I find the hidden trading opportunity? Identifying the little-known stock that's about to soar – perhaps even the Apple or Google of the future – is an investor's dream.
Fundamental analysis can help you in your search. In this course we'll explain how you can apply its methods to drill down through layers of information and uncover the markets with potential value that others may not have spotted.
You'll learn how to:
  • Evaluate economic data
  • Scrutinise company financial reports and earnings
  • Interrogate management teams
This will help you to discover which shares could be poised for growth and which may be headed for a fall.


50 min




Short, easy-to-digest lessons
Practical, interactive exercises
Engaging videos and graphics
Free demo account for practising your new skills
Quiz to check your understanding

Example lesson: cash from financing

To help you develop your skills in identifying trading opportunities, our course provides exercises, graphics and illustrations that guide you through the most important elements of fundamental analysis. To give you a flavour of what to expect, here’s an extract explaining how to analyse cash flow statements:
  • Cash from financing

    Here you’ll see details of the company’s corporate bonds and shares that have been issued or repurchased. Dividend payments to shareholders will also be listed.

So what can we learn from these figures? Well, as the saying goes, ‘cash is king’. Many analysts feel that cash in the bank is an important asset, particularly because it’s something that can’t be faked by clever accounting.